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1* In the first episode, Loran bows in front of [[TheOjou Kihel]] while attempting to thank her from saving his life and returning his toy fish. However, he was wearing a large backpack at the time, so instead of bowing, he faceplants. * [[LargeHam How DARE you refer to the Queen's ass so casually, YOU BASTARD!]]* In the fourth episode, Loran (piloting the Gundam) deals with a [=WaD=] by just picking it up with both hands. When the two pilots start yelling defiance and refusals to surrender, he just shakes it up and down like a doll to make them behave.* When Kihel and Dianna are trying each others' clothes on for the first time, there's something highly amusing about how [[{{Keigo}} formal their speech]] is with each other, that doesn't translate at all into English.* Miashei and Joseph photobombing Fran's attempts to take pictures of the ''Willgem'' before it launches into space. She retaliates by saying that it will be just as good a story if the ship crashes and fails.* Midgard confidently asserts that he knew the "Dianna" he met at Keith's bakery was Kihel because she was a crass, barbaric girl. Dianna says nothing to correct him.* The Terran Militia's first time in space. Put a bunch of World War I era soldiers in 0 G, and HilarityEnsues. Such antics include:** Bouncing all over the place and arguing about who is standing on the floor and who is standing on the ceiling.** [[BodyDouble Kihel]] admitting that she boosted some of [[TheHighQueen Queen Dianna's]] hair gel.** Somebody opening a sake barrel and all of the soldiers trying to drink the drops like a gold fish would, and then getting really drunk and deciding that they will ride barrels down to Earth (fortunately, Loran stops that nonsense before it goes too far).** The Crowning Moment of Funny comes when Sochie and Kihel are taking a shower and it gets clogged. [[NiceGuy Loran]] rushes in, unclogs the shower, saves them from drowning, turns his head to left, and gets a wonderful shot of Kihel's rear. The hilarity is compounded by the fact that he reacts like he just committed a [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone heinous crime]]. * The CallBack to the original Gundam when the Moonrace are utterly terrified of lightning (there are at least two; the first is episode 17). And the revelation that the Turn A, very fortunately, is lightning-proof.* Anything with Bruno and Jacop after [[spoiler: their HeelFaceTurn]], particularly when Jacop tries on Harry's glasses.* In Episode 22, a disguised Harry confronts Loran about his disguise as Laura. When Loran replies that it isn't exactly a disguise, Harry mistakes the reply that Loran means that he ''likes'' cross-dressing...--> "You mean it was for fun?!"* Fran also takes the piss out of the dramatic entrance of the Turn-X by noting that a turned X is still an X.* The look on [[SmugSnake Midgard's]] face when he sees Loran activate [[spoiler: the Moonlight Butterfly]] is ''priceless''.* In the last episode Lily Borjarno finally gets fed up with Guin calling Loran "Laura", and suggests he put on a skirt and chase after Loran. Guin notes that society hasn't progressed to the point where someone wearing a skirt can rule the world. Mere minutes later, he is forced to [[spoiler:flee into exile]] and Lily declares that she will take over control of [[strike:America]] Ameria in her skirt.


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