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1[[foldercontrol]]²²[[folder: Season 1]]²* Flip-Flop²** Amy falling out of bed²* Heat Wave²** Amy's aunt gives Amy some strawberries and heads to the bathroom. Dribbling water on herself, Amy panics when she hears her aunt call that she is coming back, and clenches her fists. When her aunt returns, her tail is gone, leading to this:²--> '''Amy''': {Catchphrase "I can explain!"}²-->'''Aunt:''' "Explain what?"²-->'''Amy''': (''looks down and sees her tail is gone'')"How wonderful you look in blue!"²* Freezer Burn²** Virginia (Amy's dog) pushing her into the pool.²** The pool cleaner guy's lines: ²--> '''Pool Cleaner Guy''': “What the heck? The door! They- Come on! Ahhh! You know what? Yeah, I’ll..I’ll just tell them it’s their fault that they locked the door. You know-You know what? I do not get paid enough for this!"²** Amy is in the middle of taking a bath when Tess knocks on the door, complaining that she has work to go to. When she opens the door, Amy is lying in the bath fully clothed.²-->'''Tess''': "What's going on?"²--> '''Amy''': "I'm taking a bath."²--> '''Tess''': "Okay. And why are you in your clothes?"²--> '''Amy''': "Um, it's a new bath suit."²--> '''Tess''': "Okay you can leave now."²** After making her drink hotter, she tries to cool it down, only to freeze it. Upon freezing her cereal, she says "I'm not so hungry anymore" and pushes it ²away.²* Tidal Wave²** Amy and Tess fighting in the begining, and their BigWhat when their mother says Tess has to babysit Amy.²** Amy causing a cup of water to spill all over Tess, in a sense of {{Irony}}.²[[/folder]]


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