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1* Nostalgia Chick Mulan²** Mr. It getting randomly beat up by a bunch of guys while Reviewer [[ItMakesSenseInContext fantasizes about a girl.]]²* [=AT4W=] Marville²** Reviewer saying Disney will be the one to rule the world in several thousand years.²** The meteor chopping scene. ²* Nostalgia Critic The Crinch²** Reviewer skips through more of the review which leads to this exchange:²--> '''It''': Me me²--> '''Reviewer''': Who you calling lazy?!²²²* In the ''WebVideo/BroniesReact'' to the season two finale review, the Reviewer runs into the wine cellar:²--> '''[=GameTyrant=]:''' You know that's the wine cellar, right?²--> '''Reviewer:''' Lord knows I'm going to need it.²** And then during the Reviewer and Tyrant's fight, they do a quick thing of rock-paper-scissors.²* The guy's [[{{Squick}} reaction]] to all the porn titles That Guy With The Glasses has made.²* In the review of [[WebVideo/SomeJerkWithACamera Some Jerk With a Camera's]] review of ''Film/CaptainEO'':²** The Jerk asks [[TemptingFate what could go wrong]] with Michael Jackson being in Captain [=EO=], then footage of Jackson saying he's not a criminal and asking not to be treated like one, complete with the Jerk's what face, the cherry on top? The Reviewer's comment:²--> '''Reviewer:''' "MurphysLaw strikes again!"²* In the review of [[WebVideo/WhatWeHadToWatch Il Neige's]] Treasure Planet, when Neige says Disney is most know for retelling stories already told, cue it and the Reviewer saluting while the national anthem plays.²* In the Brony apocalypse video:²** The way Dr. Resano looks with pony eyes.²* The Reviewer getting instantly booed for even mentioning [[Disney/{{Frozen}} Fro]][[HypeBacklash zen]] in his Top 5 Favorite "Let It Go" Videos.²* When Mr. It and Reviewer wake up after being [[spoiler: attacked for saying Nostalgia Critic's Let's Play of Bart's Nightmare is actually a good video,]] It finds himself inside a wall, again.²--> '''Mr. It''': Oh, [[CallBack inside of the wall,]] how I have not missed you.


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