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1* The Red Vixen is taking Rolas downside as eye candy while she conducts a business deal, dressed up in his [[GoGoEnslavement Cabin Boy]] outfit.-->'''Red Vixen:''' "Marvelous! Do you know what wearing that says to the world about you?"-->'''Rolas:''' "[[DeadpanSnarker I'm the captive of a vixen with a fetish for exhibitionism?]]"* Later, when Rolas is pounding the head of a sniper [[spoiler: who just shot Melanie]] against a tree root, he reflects that he's getting a really [[PercussiveTherapy therapeutic rhythm]] going.* In ''Shadow of the Red Vixen'', after first making the mistake of visiting South Dakota on the Earth, in the dead of winter, Ali rather acidly notes "This is so not worth it."


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