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1* Seu Jorge's character, who is supposed to be the "safety expert" (introduced with a shot of him casually holding a flaming object for a few seconds before throwing it overboard), singing "Space Oddity" in Brazilian Portuguese while on lookout... ''completely oblivious'' to the ''pirate ship'' closing in behind him and only reacting when they ''put up the boarding ladder''.* A BlackComedy one when during the rescue of the bond company stooge from the pirates, Zissou opens the wrong door... and finds a captured Hennessey playing poker with them:-->'''Hennessey:''' Steve... you came to rescue me?\''[Zissou shrugs]''\'''Hennessey:''' ''[to a pirate]'' Fold.\[[spoiler:''[Pirate plugs Hennessey in the ribs]'']]* Also funny: the sight of poor Hennessey wearing a filthy old Dr. Pepper logo T-shirt, quite a comedown from his normal elegant look.* When Ned and Steve's rivalry over Jane reaches its peak, we get this:-->'''Ned:''' I'm going to fight you, Steve!\''[[[TalkToTheFist Steve sucker-punches Ned]]]''\'''Steve:''' You never say "I'm going to fight you, Steve"! You just smile, act natural, and then you sucker punch.* When Steve announces at a film festival that his next project will detail his hunt for the Jaguar Shark, we get this exchange:-->'''Festival Director:''' That's an endangered species at most. What would be the scientific purpose of killing it?\''[long pause]''\'''Zissou:''' Revenge.* Hennesey finding his espresso machine on the ''Bellafonte''.-->'''Alistair Hennessey:''' Is this my espresso machine? Wh-what is-h-how did you get my espresso machine?\'''Bill Ubell:''' Well, uh... we fuckin' stole it, man.* Surprisingly, in the incredibly touching ending sequence, there's one when Steve was pointing at the flag.-->'''Steve:''' This one was my son. ''[points to N on flag]'' Also our equity partner.* When Steve takes Jane up in his balloon, Klaus and Pele discuss her.-->'''Pele:''' I like her hairdo.\'''Klaus:''' So do I, but Steve called her first.* The impromptu burial at sea for the one pirate that got killed by Steve's rampage... which gets cut short when Hennessey pulls up beside them.-->'''Klaus:''' What should we do with this guy?\'''Steve:''' Just, throw him over the other side.* "Anne-Marie? Do the interns get Glocks?" "No, they all share one."* Steve being the ''only'' member of the crew to be covered with leeches after going through a swamp.* Klaus weeping over Steve not picking him to be on his own team.----


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