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1!!The live-action film˛˛* The introduction, showing how Eisenheim met an elderly man who sparked his interest in magic.˛--> '''Inspector:''' They say the old man simply then... disappeared.˛--> ''(Man slowly dissolves into mist)''˛--> '''Inspector:''' Along with the tree.˛--> ''(Tree abruptly blinks out of existence)''˛* There's not much, but you can't help but laugh out loud when [[spoiler: Eisenheim's true plan is finally revealed]], even if it's only out of sheer 'Oh my ''god'' that was unbelievable', like the Inspector did.˛˛!!The animated film˛˛* When the Scottish bar owner rolls down a grassy hill drunkenly.˛* There is a brief scene after The Britoons play where their fans are completely ecstatic, to the point they rip and tear posters of the show.˛* In the end credits, there is a extra scene where someone who was ecstatic with jukebox music earlier in the film to STILL be rolling around, even when it was rainy.


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