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1[[quoteright:350:]] ˛* When Buck pulls a prank on Arlo, who was just about to feed the cluckers without being afraid. Buck faking his death (lying on the ground, looking like he was about to die) just sells it.˛-->'''Buck''': (whispering weakly) Arlo... (Arlo looks over at him, he looks like he'd been beaten up)...come here...˛-->'''Arlo''': '''Buck!''' (approaches him) What happened?˛-->'''Buck''': I came to help you with your chores...(dramatically)...and then they attacked!˛-->'''Arlo''': You're gonna be okay.˛-->'''Buck''': (wealky) Tell Momma I love her... (gasps) I see a light. (sighs, then seemingly dies)˛-->'''Arlo''': I'll go get help!˛--> *Suddenly, a '''squawk!''' is heard. A scary clucker rises not far behind and begins to attack Arlo. It is then revaled that the "clucker" was just a costume on Buck's tail, used to scare Arlo.*˛-->'''Buck''': (laughing) Oh, you should see your face!˛* When Spot is trying to bring food to Arlo, he brings him a huge flying bug. Arlo refuses to eat it, but Spot proceeds to rip the bug's head off with his teeth.˛* Forrest Woodbrush, the large Styracosaurus with multiple critters resting on him, and the names he gives them. Despite not coming up with a purpose for Debbie, he still insists he needs her.˛-->'''Forrest:''' ...this is Dreamcrusher. He protects me from having unrealistic goals...˛--> And this... is ''[[TheLastOfTheseIsNotLikeTheOthers Debbie.]]'' *beat*˛** [[TrailersAlwaysLie The trailer made the very brief introduction of Forrest look like he was some kind of majestic guardian]], and when he first spoke hidden in the trees, he had the voice for it. But then once he stepped into the light, he turned out to be a bit of a [[CloudCuckooLander loony bin]].˛** During the scene where Forrest and Arlo try to give a name to Spot, they get into a rapid-fire name exchange. One of the names Forrest comes up to is 'Violet', which he says in a dreamy tone of voice.˛** "Mmmmmmmm- Inamehim Ikeephim -mmmmm…"˛* The little argument the ''T. rex'' siblings have after saving Arlo and Spot from the Pterosaurs:˛--> '''Ramsey:''' Well ain't you just the cutest thing! *scratches Spot under the chin*˛--> '''Arlo:''' He likes you!˛--> '''Nash:''' Imagine that, Ramsey! Even with your stinky face! *sidles up against Ramsey*˛--> '''Ramsey:''' '''Nash!''' ''Boundaries? This'' *gestures around her* is my personal bubble!˛--> '''Nash:''' Aww, that ain't your bubble! *tackles Ramsey* This is your bubble!˛--> *The two massive T. rexes scuffle, while a confused Arlo watches*˛--> '''Butch''' (arriving with a Franchise/JurassicPark style foot-stomp)''':''' ''Nash!'' Get out of your sister's bubble!˛** [[TheComicallySerious Sam Elliot]] saying "your sister's bubble" in that context. That is all.˛* The MushroomSamba that follows when Arlo and Spot eat the rotten fruit.˛* During the campfire sequence, we get this gem from Ramsey and Nash after Nash tells Arlo how he scarred his foot.˛--> '''Nash:''' Still can't feel my toes.˛--> '''Ramsey:''' Which comes in handy when you're kicking piles of [[CurseCutShort bullshi-]]˛* There's also the scene where Arlo goes out into the middle of the longhorn herd onto rock, where he's supposed to draw the attention of the rustlers by screaming/yelling. His first couple attempts are... lackluster (until Spot "corrects" his technique with a bite to the leg).˛* Baby Buck hitting things with his stick, including Poppa's leg, Arlo's eggshell, and Arlo himself.˛** Not to mention him hatching with legs first, then running around with the eggshell still around him.˛* The rustlers confronting Arlo.˛-->'''Bubbha:''' You don't look like you're doin' "nothin'"! What does he look like he's doin' Lurleane?\˛'''[[TheDitz Pervis:]]''' Aw c'mon, Bubbha! Ask me! Ask me what I think they're doin'!\˛'''Bubbha:''' ''Pervis!'' Shut. Yer mouth.˛* When Forrest tells Arlo to never lose Spot, Debbie goes crazy, attacking Arlo and Spot. This leads to a chase scene, with Forrest chasing Debbie, who is chasing Arlo and Spot.˛* Arlo and Spot play a game in which they blow gopherlike mammals out of their holes.˛** And after they scare Arlo out of the field, it's rather funny watching them all just drop back into their holes with a synchronized growl like "And don't come back!"


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