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1* Funny/TheDailyShowWithJonStewart²* Funny/TheDailyShowWithTrevorNoah²²[[foldercontrol]]²²[[folder:Joint Funny]]²* November 4, 2008: [[ The end of the 2008 election special]], where the cast suffer an epic HeroicBSOD upon learning that the punditry is over and that they don't need to cover the election any more. This results in Stephen Colbert putting on dark glasses and large earmuffs to try and block out the reality of Obama's election, Rob Riggle's "grieving process" (involving him losing his pants, for some reason known only to himself), and Aasif Mandvi, having previously been in 'Pakistan', bursting in to plead Jon Stewart not to let it end:²-->'''Jon Stewart''': Aasif... ''[[FridgeLogic You're in Pakistan]]''!\²'''Aasif Mandvi''': I am too upset to be confined by your logic, Stewart!²** Once UsefulNotes/BarackObama wins, everyone wonders what they should do, believing they can't mock UsefulNotes/GeorgeWBush anymore and not knowing how they can mock Obama, until Stephen reminds them that Bush will still be president for the next two months.²* Oprah's appearance, giving rally tickets to the entire audience.²-->'''Stephen:''' Jon, your rally is supposed to be all about sanity. And ''that'' was ''completely insane''.²* October 30, 2010: The Rally to Restore Sanity And/Or Fear. All of it.²** Music/CatSteven's Peace Train vs. Music/OzzyOsbourne's Crazy Train. The winner: Love Train.²** Stephen Colbert emerges from the stage like a Chilean miner.²*** Dressed as UsefulNotes/EvelKnievel, to boot.²** The Series/{{Mythbusters}} appear to perform experiments with the audience on The Wave and jumping-based earthquakes. Particularly when Adam declares Jamie to be "[[MemeticBadass like Chuck Norris]]."²** The Stephen Colbert puppet and John Oliver dressed like Disney/PeterPan.²*** "The puppet should melt too!"²** Stephen panics about "corbamite" in his drinking water.²-->'''Stephen:''' Quick! Is there an antidote?!\²'''Jon:''' Yes. It's the knowledge that... that there is no such thing as corbamite. I made it up. Well, actually, I stole it from an old episode of ''Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries''. [[[JustForFun/OneOfUs cue mutual Trekkie geek-out]]]²* In the ChristmasEpisode, Music/ElvisCostello watching the gruesome deaths of the Music/JonasBrothers. Also Elvis Costello's TakeThat aimed at Music/DavidBowie near the end of the special.²** Jon Stewart trying to explain Hanukkah to Stephen gives us this:²-->'''Jon:''' I have candles...\²'''Stephen:''' ''(engrossed)'' What're those?!\²'''Jon:''' ''(beyond irritated)'' THEY'RE CANDLES!!²* May 2, 2011: Stephen believing that [[BadassCrew Seal Team Six]] (The team responsible for killing Osama Bin Laden) consists of Franchise/{{Rambo}}, [[Film/DieHard John McClane]], Franchise/{{Batman}}, [[Franchise/{{Halo}} Master Chief]], [[Franchise/TombRaider Lara Croft]], Creator/VinDiesel, and [[WesternAnimation/KungFuPanda Po]].²** And [[ Colbert]] and [[ Stewart's]] coverage of the news.²-->'''Stephen''': And I hope I am never again this happy over someone's death. And I'm sure - I know that if I saw myself in the mirror, I would be appalled by the look on my face... ''(pulls out a hand mirror)'' Nope, I like this!\²'''Jon''': I suppose I should be expressing some ambivalence about the targeted killing of another human being, and yet... uh, ''no''.\²'''Jon''' ''(after showing clips of people warning of possible reprisals)'': Yes, we shouldn't have killed him. 'Cause now the terrorists are going to want to ''attack'' us. But you know what? Even when they do, you know who won't see it? Bin Laden, 'cuz we shot out his eyes, and now [[WesternAnimation/SpongeBobSquarePants he lives in a pineapple under the sea.]]²* Jon and Stephen's HamToHamCombat wherein Stephen transfers power of Colbert [=SuperPAC=] over to Jon.²** How about the followup when Stephen got his [=SuperPAC=] back?²** Speaking of, some of the [[ attack ads]] were also ''damn'' good.²-->'''Narrator''': If Mitt Romney really believes corporations are people...then [[TakeThat Mitt Romney is a serial killer]].²* September 20, 2012: Both of their reactions to the recent evidence that UsefulNotes/{{Jesus}} was married:²-->'''Stewart''': That is some pure, uncut sitcom bait. ''(announcer voice)'' He can raise the dead, but Heaven help him when he forgets to put down the toilet seat. Yes, Kevin James is Jesus in ''[[Series/TheKingOfQueens The King of Kings]]''.\²'''Colbert''':You know things are gonna change, when I go to confess my sins, you know he's gonna tell her, you can't have secrets in a marriage. She's gonna offer her two cents. "You're really gonna forgive him for that? Normal people don't do that with Glade plug-ins." Oh, and listen up, he can forget that beard and the robe. From now on it is clean shaven and a polo shirt. And when he comes again in glory it's gonna be in a minivan.²* July 16, 2013: What caused the power outage at the end of The Daily Show the night before? Stephen, despondent/furious over John Oliver filling in for Jon, had cut the power himself.²* September 3, 2013: Jon is back from the Middle East, but [[NotHimself he doesn't seem to be his American self]]. So John Oliver and Jessica Williams use [[NoodleImplements a Big Mac]] [[MagicalDefibrillator defibrillator]], which turns him into Larry the Cable Guy. Then, John Oliver injects Jon with a needle, but it turns him into Moses, then Music/FreddieMercury, then Music/MileyCyrus, [[EpicFail before finally becoming Hitler]]. Out of ideas, they call in Stephen, wearing a hazmat suit, to actually beat some sense into him with a baseball bat. [[ You must see it to believe it.]]²* September 24, 2013: After winning their first Emmy for Outstanding Variety Series, breaking The Daily Show's ten year domination of the category, Colbert attempts to call Jon to gloat about breaking his streak. However, [[ Jon shows up]], tries to be magnanimous in defeat, but when Colbert keeps trying to rub it in, Jon points out that [[LoopholeAbuse since he's an Executive Producer of The Colbert Report]], he still won, keeping Stewart's streak intact. ²* Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert [[ beautifully demonstrate a massive loophole]] in a law that supposedly prevents super-pacs from coordinating with political candidates.²* December 18, 2014 (Colbert's Finale): The Daily Show's moment of zen that night (which came ''after'' the Report's last episode when Stephen tossed to Jon one last time) featured a Daily Show/Colbert Report toss outtake from 2010.²-->'''Stephen:''' (playing with a toy monkey) I love you, Jon Stewart! I love you! (puts toy down) Please tell me that was the toss!²-->'''Jon''': I have no problem with it. Can we do that?²-->'''Producer:''' No.²-->'''Jon''': (disappointed) All right, let's get back into our funny characters. (woodenly) Hey Stephen! How are you doing?²-->'''Stephen:''' I'm getting angry at liberals!²-->''Jon cracks up''²* August 6, 2015 (Jon's last show): ²** Who else would give Jon his final send-off for his last day on the ''Daily Show'' but Stephen, [[JustForFun/OneOfUs who would then immediately use]] ''Literature/TheLordOfTheRings'' as a metaphor for Jon's time on the show.²-->'''Jon''': How am I Frodo, why aren't you Frodo?²-->'''Stephen''': [[{{Hobbits}} Jon, one of us is adult size]] [[TakeThat and does not have hairy toes]].²** Before Stephen thanks Jon on behalf of everyone, Jon tries to get out from behind his desk and bail, only for Stephan to move to cut him off saying:²-->'''Stephen:''' You can't stop anyone, 'cause they don't work for you anymore. Huge mistake Jon.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:The Daily Show with Craig Kilborn]]²* Jon Stewart, before his tenure as host, [[ was a guest on an episode.]] Lots of funny moments, especially when they got to "Five Questions" and Jon made wisecracks about the [[Film/RikiOhTheStoryOfRicky "exploding head"]] clip.²--> '''Jon''': ''(after getting the first question wrong)'' Now what? My head gets smashed?²* Ben Stein got a 1 out of 5 in Five Questions. Of note, one of the questions was "Twinkies or devil dogs":²--> '''Ben Stein''': I prefer Twinkies.\²'''Craig Kilborn''': No, Devil Dogs! One out of five!²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Unsorted]]²* " you hate him because he's anti-semantic?"²* Not to mention: "Arr, I'm Cap n' Trade!"²* Pretty much any time things [[ don't go as planned]].²* The ''Tek Jansen'' theme song. Pretty much ''every line''.²-->''Tek Jansen, Alpha Squad Seven, facing the future of courage!\²Killing the aliens! Loving the aliens!\²Sometimes loving, then killing the aliens!\²Tek Jansen, wearer of starsuits, surfing the comet of danger!\²Foiling his enemy, Thurmond Chang\²And those affiliated with the Thurmond Chang Gang!''²* The message that you get if you try accessing the Colbert Report or Daily Show via the Internet, [[NoExportForYou if you live in the UK]].²** The Australian one encourages you to be cheered up because while you may not have access, you still have [[LandDownUnder kangaroos and boomerangs]].²** Apparently [[CanadaEh Canadians aren't allowed to watch because of our "overly polite attitudes."]]²* The alarming but hilarious discovery that Spiro Agnew can be interpreted as an anagram for "GROW A PENIS".²[[/folder]]²----


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