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1* Elmo's alarm clock. A cute little bird pops out, Ala a cuckoo clock, but instead of going "Cuckoo!" the bird turns to the sleeping Elmo and bellows, "WAKE UP!" in a deep voice.* The chase at the beginning, where Telly rollerskates out of control and collides with Elmo's blanket, causing mayhem throughout the Street, the best part being Cookie Monster being caught inside the Furry Arms' revolving door, emerging and spilling his plate of cookies everywhere before collapsing (which is a StealthPun-- he just ''tossed his cookies'')** Super Grover's cameo, where he takes to the skies to find the blanket, only for him, Elmo and Telly to end up crashing into each other (and Big Bird {{Facepalm}}s at this).* "Now get in the cartoonishly evil vehicle and drive!"* Just about every time Bert and Ernie appear on-screen is hilarious, but this scene in particular:-->'''Bert:''' Elmo didn't get his blanket back! This is terrible! How can it end this way? It's so sad, oh, it's so sad...-->'''Ernie''' ''(trying to interrupt)'': Oh, no, no, no, no... Bert, Bert, Bert -- no, Bert, Bert, listen -- -->'''Bert:''' Don't -- don't 'Bert' me! This is -- this is terrible...-->'''Ernie''' ''(still trying to interrupt)'': No, it's okay, Bert, ''the movie's not over yet!''-->({{Beat}}.)-->'''Bert:''' Oh.-->'''Ernie:''' Mm-hmm.-->'''Bert:''' You mean good things could still happen?-->'''Ernie:''' Of course they can, Bert! In fact, I'm sure good things ''will'' happen, because...who'd wanna see a movie with a sad ending, Bert?-->({{Beat}}.)-->'''Bert:''' ''Film/{{Titanic|1997}}.''-->'''Ernie:''' What?-->'''Bert:''' ''Titanic'' had a sad ending.-->'''Ernie:''' Uh... no, Bert. Uh... Roll the film! C'mon, Bert. C'mon...-->'''Bert''' (as Ernie ushers him off-screen) ''Film/GoneWithTheWind.'' ''Film/DoctorZhivago.'' ** Ernie BreakingTheFourthWall at the very beginning of the movie, welcoming the viewers, only for Bert to come in- he's trying to take a shower, and asks Ernie if he's seen his anti-bacterial soap.** After a few moments, as the film actually starts, Ernie reminds Bert that he may want to put some clothes on. Bert then realizes he's still in his shower gear and runs off screaming.* The jail scene gets two [=CMOFs=] right after one another: ** First when Big Bird starts singing the Alphabet song to cheer his Grouch cellmates up, and they panic, screaming: [[SelfDeprecation "Lemme outta here! It's torture! Let us out!"]] ** Then, immediately afterwards, we get this gem of a scene with Gordon and Telly:-->'''Telly''' (rattling the bars of his cell door): That's it! That's it! I can't take it anymore! I demand justice! ''I want a lawyer! CALL THE MEDIA! START A DEFENSE FUND!''--> '''Gordon:''' Calm down -- calm down, Telly! Let me get you some water. ''(calling out to the guard)'' Hey! Can we get some water in here?--> ''(Gordon promptly gets a bucket of water thrown at him.)''--> '''Gordon:''' [[SarcasmMode ...Thanks.]]--> '''Telly''' ''(looking at the soaking wet Gordon, holding out his cup)'': I didn't get any.-->''(Gordon squeezes some of the water out of his shirt and into Telly's cup)''** How does the Sesame Street Gang even wind up in jail in the first place? They ''ask a police officer for help.'' In Grouchland, this is apparently considered a serious offense.** Also, the Grouch cop who locks them up informs they "have the right to scream their heads off"... and if they don't want to, "someone screaming their heads off will be provided for them".* "Slow, slow, slow, slow, slowslowslowslowslowslow... [[SuddenlyShouting STOP]]!!!"* Big Bird getting stuck in Oscar's can when they head off to search for Elmo.* This gem with Bug towards one of the Pesties named Howard who was glancing instead of hiding:-->'''Bug:''' (whispering) Howard? Howard? '''[[SuddenlyShouting HOWARD!!!]]'''


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