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1* In the beginning when Magno sees an unconscious Slade, muttering if men are usually that stupid-looking. Slade wakes and counters by calling her an old ghoul. GilliganCut to Slade thrown in a cell, with him admitting that probably wasn’t the right thing to say on a first meeting.˛* Jura has Barnette cook up a steak meal to use to bribe Slade into combining with her next. Barnette then spiked the steak with an overdose of hot sauce and spices when Jura wasn’t looking. Once served to Slade, Barnette gets a gleeful expression on her prank, but Slade was able to tell the steak was doped with spices thanks to his heightened sense of smell. He countered by focusing his ki into his tongue to withstand the spice then casually mentioned if they had any hot sauce, much to Barnette’s absolute shock. She angrily tries a bite to see if she had messed up somehow, but winds up running and screaming with her mouth on fire, much to Jura’s confusion and Slade’s amusement.˛* Dita spies on Slade about to use the bathroom to confirm the “third small leg” men apparently have. An unamused Slade quickly throws Dita out so he can do his business.˛* Dita, Jura, Meia, Xian Pu, Ukyo XVII, and Misty attempt to get into the bath with Slade, but were confused when he was suddenly gone. They do their business, not knowing Slade had been hiding on the ceiling when he heard the girls’ plot to try and walk in on him. Unfortunately, he couldn’t hold on and splashed down, causing the girls to nearly mob him. In self-defense, Slade transformed into his Tekkaman mode, destroying the bathing area. He stomps out the area in annoyance while still transformed.˛* On the desert planet, Slade, Dita, and Jura shared a tent in which the two girls were snuggled up to him on both sides, then they inadvertently groped him in their sleep, much to his embarrassment. He tells them next morning never to speak of it again.


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