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1For moments from ''[[WesternAnimation/SaltysLighthouse Salty's Lighthouse]]'', go [[Funny/SaltysLighthouse here]].* Little Ditcher's reaction to Warrior's plan to stop the logs from destroying Uptown Quay in ''Up River'':-->'''Warrior:''' I'll stick Little Ditcher across the river, he'll put his stakes down on the riverbed, then he won't move!-->'''Little Ditcher:''' No, I'll get smashed to bits instead!* Grampus taking Bluenose away in ''Munitions'':-->'''Grampus:''' I've been used for a few strange jobs before, but never have I pulled in a switcher and taken away, a twitcher!* The running "devious" joke in ''Sunshine.''* Billy Shoepack's EpicFail in "Trapped:"-->'''Billy:''' 3...2...1...FIRE!...... Wot's happened?-->'''OJ:''' [[DeadpanSnarker You tell us.]]** Top Hat poking his head over the tramper: "Oh I say, HELLO! Have you come to save the day, Ten Cents?" The way it's zoomed out makes it funnier. * [[ItMakesSenseInContext "There's no garbage today!"]]* In the [[SeriesFinale finale episode]] we get this gem:-->'''OJ:''' Got an idea between us?-->'''Top Hat:''' No bright ones, OJ.-->'''OJ:''' ...Anybody got a ''stupid'' one, then? ** When Top Hat wonders why he couldn't have been a liner instead:-->'''Warrior:''' [[ComicallyMissingThePoint Cause you're not big enough!]]


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