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1!'''This section is for the Creator/WoodyAllen film {{Film/Sleeper}}:'''²²* Much of the humor is how hilariously shoddy the future looks. This isn't a case of the effects not standing the test of time; Allen ''specifically'' wanted everything to look ''really'' [[StylisticSuck tacky]], to rub in how the oppressive government has screwed everything up.²* When Creator/WoodyAllen and a guard fight with enormous-sized food including a [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything gigantic banana]], and a super-sized strawberry.²** Not to mention slipping on the gigantic banana peel!²* A gay couple give Allen a balloon suit to escape in, but it gets a hole in it, sending him speeding across a swamp!²* The cops and their weapon to catch the hero just keeps failing! ²** First, the weapon blows up; later, it's the plunger that blows up. [[spoiler:And finally, the cops' transport van explodes!]]²* When they show Miles a picture of UsefulNotes/RichardNixon, he glumly admits that it's of the President when he was frozen.²-->“Whenever the president went on foreign leave, the White House staff counted the silverware.”²** Also an Awesome Moment for Allen; remember, in 1973 ''Nixon was still President.'' And do remember that the jerk was on '''[[RedScare HUAC]]!''' Allen risked his career there.²* It wasn't enough for Allen to parody HAL-9000; he actually brought in Douglas Rain himself to monologue about growing a new leader out of the old one's nose in the same velvet monotone.²²!'''This section is for the Wildstorm comic book ''{{Comicbook/Sleeper}}''.'''²²* Out of nowhere during a very tense interrogation scene after Holden has been captured by IO:²-->'''Marc Slayton''': ''You wanna hear a funny story, Carver?''²-->'''Holden Carver''': ''Sure, but it better be really funny.''²-->'''Marc Slayton''': ''So, it’s like this… I’ve got two different women telling me the same thing. Any idea why that’s the case?''²-->'''Holden Carver''': ''I’d say it really is too small.''²²* '''Peter Grimm:''' ''[[ItMakesSenseInContext You picked the wrong titty-bar, metal dick!]]''²²* Grifter's meeting with ComicBook/TheAuthority in ''Point Blank''.²²-->'''Midnighter''':''Just make sure you kill TAO when you get the chance. He’s giving us test-tube babies a bad name… And that’s my job.''²²-->'''Grifter''' (to Jack Hawksmoor): ''As much evil as The Authority’s taken down, and for some reason you leave the fucking '''internet''' alone. What’s up with that?''\²'''Hawksmoor''': ''What can I say? I’m addicted to the message boards.''


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