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1There is a great deal of humor value in the game. It's probably safe to say that [[BileFascination none of it]] [[{{Narm}} is intentional.]]----* The sex scenes will either make you cringe or laugh your ass off over just how bad they are. [[CrossesTheLineTwice Or]] [[TakeAThirdOption both.]]** It's actually done this way because they were either too lazy or too cheap to model the characters naked (it would've taken more work). So instead, they just try to only show the scenes from angles that hide the fact that they have all their clothes on. This fails rather hysterically, though, because it's blatantly obvious.*** Although, according to some who have looked through the game's files, they ''did'' make nude models, but for whatever reason, these weren't used.* While fighting, some Mooks will say "Read my lips... Fuck you.". This is likely not possible as their lip movement is terribly animated.* We present to you [[ the most failed attempt to make a scream of rage.]]* Activating Rage Mode will make the camera zoom in on Jake as he makes a grunt that tries to sound intimidating [[{{Narm}} but comes off as hilarious]], especially when combined with him also doing what can only be described as a constipated face at the same time. Even better, his face will sometimes [[ snap back to its default expression]] right before the attack sequence begins.* You know that helicopter in the intro? You're actually meant to jump over that later on in the game. Fail to get enough speed, and Jake anticlimactically drops into the blades and [[HelicopterBlender gets mulched]], whilst making the helicopter explode at the same time (which, honestly, is a lot better than successfully making the jump).* A rare intentional example: while pursuing Triple 6, Jake has to do chores for a lumberjack with an over-the-top German accent in order to get into Triple 6's mill. Said lumberjack has in fact ratted Jake out to Triple 6, and [[TooDumbToLive just happens to brag about it right when Jake returns]]. As Jake picks up an axe and approaches, the lumberjack says (in his strong German accent):-->'''Lumberjack:''' I am thinking he is a dead guy.-->'''Jake:''' [[FunetikAksent Zink]] again.** Early on in the mission, when the Lumberjack says he wants you to do another favor for him before he tells you where Triple 6 is, Jake {{facepalm}}s and essentially tells him to shut up and tell him where he is. Even more so because of how monotonous the gameplay is, so for once, you agree with Jake.* Jake just waltzing into King Dick's church, which naturally gets him seen by the congregation of Devil's Hand gangsters and King Dick. When King orders his men to go after Jake, the camera cuts to Jake's face and him smiling, saying "You heard the man."* If you buy an axe at Dead End, Jake will throw the axe at the camera. Edgy.----


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