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1%% Image removed per Image Pickin' thread: Please start a new thread if you'd like to discuss a new image.%%* This:-->'''Rabbit''': That's not corn! That's a guy!* The birds finding out about their shadows and being convinced that they're real. The episode has a number of funny moments, but one that stands out would be Chirp trying to ''feed'' her shadow because it "looks a little flat". Even the narrator thought it was funny!-->'''Chirp''': (''drops some seeds onto her shadow'') You simply must try these seeds from the forest. They are quite delicious! -->(''[[{{Beat}} beat]]'') -->'''Chirp''': (''angry'') ''[[SuddenlyShouting EAT SOMETHING!!!]]''* "Who Stole the Big Wide World?" Quite possibly the only episode to employ huge amounts of slapstick, almost always from Quack.* Chirp talking in her sleep:-->'''Chirp''': (''asleep'') You're right, Quack... ducks ''do'' know best... I wish I were a du--(''wakes up'') [[CatapultNightmare AHHH!]]\'''Peep''': (''wakes up with a start'') What is it?\'''Chirp''': Sorry Peep... I had a nightmare!* In one episode, the trio finds some pinecones and refers to them as "pineapples" [[InsaneTrollLogic since they are from pine trees and they grow on trees like apples]]. The [[LemonyNarrator narrator]] frequently corrects them throughout the episode, but then at the end [[GotMeDoingIt she too refers to the pinecones as pineapples]] and the trio corrects her.** [[TruthInTelevision Historically though]], pinecones '''were''' called "pineapples" before they made the distinction.* Quack [[BalloonBelly getting fat]] after gorging nuts in "Quack Goes Nuts".* In "The Tooth, The Whole Tooth, and Nothing But the Tooth", there's this scene after Beaver Boy thinks he can't be a beaver due to missing one of his buck teeth:-->'''Beaver Boy''': Being a beaver is all I know how to do.-->'''Quack''': I know! You can be a fish! Fish don't need teeth. (makes bubbling noises while [[ShakingTheRump wiggling his rump]], occasionally lifting one of his legs up and shaking it) Hey?-->'''Chirp''': Quack! Beaver Boy is still a---->(''Quack continues making bubbling sounds'')-->'''Chirp''': Oh, forget it!* "Hide And Go Peep":** Quack screaming in terror, leaping up, and landing upside-down on Chirp when Peep reveals he was hiding between two rocks. Later the ''same thing'' happens when Peep comes out from his hiding place in some yellow flowers.** Quack trying to find a place to hide.-->'''Quack''': It's no use. Nothing's as blue as me except the sky! (''beat'') [[CaptainObvious It'd be pretty hard to hide behind the sky.]] (''beat'') I wonder if the sky even has a behind. Well, of course it has a behind. Everything has a behind.** Later, Quack gets to the playground and tries to (unsuccessfully) bury himself in the sand, making a face print.** Quack hides behind a blue ball and quietly talks to himself:-->'''Quack''': My feet are cramped... I'm cramped! Maybe I should give up... No! A duck never gives up! I'll play this game forever! And ever! And ever! [[MotorMouth Andeverandeverandeverandeverand]]--''shh!'' (''whispering'') ...and ever.** Quack gives away his hiding spot when a ladybug walks on his foot and tickles him, making him burst out laughing. Peep (who was nearby) [[RuleOfThree jumps and lands upside-down on Chirp.]] Chirp even lampshades how much it's happened.-->'''Chirp''': Is this national fall-on-a-friend day?* "Stuck Duck":** "I lost a whole duck!"** Peep and Chirp finding Quack after a Follow the Leader game went wrong, and the ensuing comedy of errors.-->'''Peep:''' Quack! -->'''Quack:''' Oh. Peep!...Hi.-->'''Peep:''' Why'd you stop following me? Did you find something ''great'' in there?-->'''Quack:''' [[SureLetsGoWithThat Uh, yeah! That's right, yeah!]] -->''(Beat)''-->'''Quack:''' [[VerbalBackspace No, no,]] [[ImplausibleDeniability it's not right.]]-->'''Narrator:''' Before Quack could explain, Chirp came along and [[NotWhatItLooksLike saw Peep talking to a log.]]-->'''Peep:''' Well, come on! Follow me! -->'''Chirp:''' Peep, a log can't follow you. You have a lot to learn about things.-->'''Quack:''' I-Is that Chirp?-->'''Chirp:''' ''(surprised gasp)''' A talking log! ''(embraces the log lovingly)'' Oh, log, I'm such a big fan of the work you and the trees are doing for the birds. -->'''Peep:''' Hey, Chirp! (Gestures into the log)-->'''Chirp:''' (looks inside) Quack? What are you doing?** This, after a few failed attempts to get Quack out: -->'''Quack''': Now I'm stuck upside down... and wet.** Chirp and Peep's first two ideas at freeing Quack are just pulling and pushing him, which doesn't seem so bad, except that they ''push/pull him in the opposite directions'', with the predictable (and painful) results for Quack. Then a Rabbit sets them straight and they set about with Chirp pulling and Peep pushing in the same direction...[[YankTheDogsChain It still doesn't work.]]** After they discover the the solution to budging Quack is yawning, of all things, Chirp ''commands'' Quack to yawn. Quack isn't to experienced at yawning on purpose, as it turns out...--->'''Quack:''' ''(Trying to yawn)'' Aaaaahhhhh. * "Peep's Night Out": When Squeak is telling Peep how dangerous night can be:-->'''Squeak''': Do you have what it takes to be a night creature? You must be brave! Fearless! Cool! Calm! (''an owl hoots in the distance'') ''[[OhCrap WHAT WAS THAT!?!]]''* "Magic Duck Dancing": Quack attempts to start a dancing school after becoming convinced that he has invented a magic dance. Or, as he puts it, quite hammily, a '''"MAGIC ''DUCK'' DANCE!"'''. Jamie Watson must have been having a ball.** Chirp gets some pretty great silent snark moments throughout the episode. ** There are some pretty priceless lines in general throughout the episode.--->'''Quack:''' PEEP! CHIRP! I MADE IT ''RAIIIIIN''!--->'''Quack:''' [[SincerityMode What joy it is to spread magic throughout the world.]]* After Quack and his students (consisting of Peep, Beaver Boy, Raccoon, and Frog) realize that the Magic Duck Dance is all a big lie, Quack puts on a recital as means of refund (since he'd already eaten the acorns he'd charged for the lessons). During this, by that point, everyone, including Peep, was fed up with Quack and his shenanigans. After the recital:--->'''Quack''': Hey! Look! The ''moon''! --->'''Chirp:''' What about it?--->'''Quack:''' It wasn't there when I started the dance! And now it's there. That can only mean one thing: ''Magic.''--->''Everyone stares at him in annoyance''--->'''Quack:''' Thank you, thank you very much, I love you all.--->''(Goes back to dancing happily)''* Quack's facial expressions in general, including the bug-eyed look he has after being beaned with Peep's egg in the TitleSequence.


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