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1Even for such a melancholy story, ''Manga/PandemoniumWizardVillage'' still can provide some funny moments.'''Moment Subpages are Administrivia/SpoilersOff. Administrivia/YouHaveBeenWarned.'''-----* Zipher is given food by Domika and he digs in with a cry of "Superlicious!" Molte immediately tells him to shut up.* In chapter 4, Zipher drinks from a well, only for Brow to warn him it's poisonous. He spits it out, and gets told to drink from the rainwater tank, and as he does so, Molte comes in to say that's also bad to drink. Cue him spitting it out.* From Zipher and Domika's talk in Chapter 8:-->'''Zipher''': If there's anything I can do for you, I would like to repay you.\'''Domika''': There is something I always wanted.\'''Zipher''': Something you want...?\'''Domika''': Mr. Zipher. I want a family.\'''Zipher''': ''(blushing)'' Eh?\'''Domika''': Wha-? ''(starts blushing too)'' Eh...? Oh! No...!! [[ThatCameOutWrong S-Sorry! It's not like that...!! Er... It's not like it sounds, I mean...!!!]]\'''Zipher''': Y-Yes, I understand! Sorry, it's OK. Forgive me, please continue...!!\* In the extra chapter, Domika falls on her butt, and the next panel has Ainu barge in, worried that she might have gotten injured or have vertigo. When Kayoh asks what he's doing up at this hour, he explains he had a foreboding feeling and woke up.** Domika tried waking Cosith up by propping his mouth open with sticks, messing with his ears, and drawing on his face, but he just kept sleeping. Then at the end, Malsus tries to find out what all the commotion is and notices Cosith before even reaching the upstairs.


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