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1* Some of the choices you can pick are temptingly hilarious. There's this in the prologue.²--> [[SkewedPriorities I just wanted to chat with pretty boys…]]²--> I just wanted to download the game and play it.²--> just got it @ app store…²** Even better, before you get to meet the RFA, you have this.²--> I thought this app was for chatting with pretty boys?²** Made funnier by the fact that many Otome fans went into the game with just that in mind, not expecting the dark turn the game would take.²** And of course the infamous chaos that breaks out if the player announces that they're a boy before Seven pretty much just rules that you are a girl and everyone else simply rolls with it from then on.²* As terrifying as it is, if one already knows about [[spoiler: Unknown]], then teasing him in the prologue to the point of getting a sudden bad end can be both [[BlackComedy horrific and funny]]. ²* Moments where Jumin goes NotSoStoic and fanboys about his cat, Elizabeth the 3rd.²** Speaking of his cat, any time Seven mentions him wanting to play with Elizabeth--much to the annoyance of Jumin.²** Jumin occassionally feels like teasing/bullying Zen or Jaehee. Amusingly enough, he usually does it by behaving a bit like 707, making both freaked out. It gets funnier if the protagonist plays along with it.²** Whenever he gets lectured by Jaehee, there is a 50/50 chance that he will behave very childish.²-->'''Jumin:''' ya\²'''Jaehee:''' This isn't something to ya about.\²'''Jumin:''' yaaaaaaaaa²* Play along with 707 in the chat log ''Do Not Drink Coffee'' in Casual Mode for one of the funniest logs in the game. [[ButtMonkey At Yoosung's expense, of course.]]²* Those who have played other Cheritz games will find it hilariously ironic that Zen (who is violently allergic to cats and sneezes at the mere ''mention'' of them) is set to play [[CatBoy Jisoo]] in a stage production of {{VideoGame/Dandelion}}.²* The last log of Day 4 in the casual route, "Weird Dream," gets meta.²--> '''Zen''': [[LeaningOnTheFourthWall It turned out that except you, all of us were robots saying programmed things. lolololol]]²* Jumin and Zen's fights are a rich source of comedy, the standout being this ice-cold comeback and snarky attitude:²--> '''Jumin''': Haha. I don't get fan letters like you do.\²'''Zen:''' Well... That's true.\²'''Jumin:''' (in large font) I only get checks.²** He can even do it when Zen isn't even present himself:²--> '''Jumin''': I guess Zen has an imaginary stalker.²--> '''Jumin''': I'm a bit jealous.²--> '''Jumin''': I had a imaginary friend.²--> '''Jumin''': ''When I was 7.''²* "Zen vs. Jumin" on Day 5 of Zen's route: Jumin trolling Zen by insinuating he has a thing for him. Zen practically panics.²* Yoosung's infamous Waka Flocka line. ItMakesSenseInContext.²--> '''MC''': Yoosung, why are you crying. \²'''Yoosung''': Waka Flocka...²* Seven's comebacks are this most of the time. It's even better if you can team up with him.²--> '''Zen''': You're such a brat.\²'''Seven''': You mean I'm pretty like the Bratz ?²* Jumin as TheStoic, especially when he messes up.²--> '''Seven''': Nothing's in the log...\²'''Yoosung''': What's a log ? Is it a job title for online games ?\²'''Jumin''': [[ComicallyMissingThePoint Tree trunk]]²* Jumin and Jaehee's relationship can be this sometimes.²--> '''Jaehee''': If I can state my personal opinion,\²'''Jumin''': (in large font) No. Don't.²** She can occassionally shoot back as well:²--> '''MC:''' Does she cook for you as well?²--> '''Jumin:''' Good question.²--> '''Jumin:''' Assistant Kang, would you cook for me?²--> '''Jaehee:''' I bring take out.²* Yoosung and 707 discussing about Echo Girl.²--> '''Yoosung''': You will understand once you listen to her song Free Friday.²--> '''707''': I wish I were free on Fridays...²--> '''Yoosung''': You still don't understand, do you?²--> '''707''': I am sure you will though, Yoosung.²--> '''707''': '''Since you are free from Monday to Sunday.'''²** Right afterwards Yoosung tries to justify that he's not since his schedule is packed with LOLOL. He himself feels embarrassed after saying so.²* Near the end of Zen's route, Jumin comes up with another cat project at an inappropriate time...²--> '''Jumin''': What if we sell cat-shaped bread too?\²'''Jumin''': We can put in salmon and chicken breast in it, plus a lot of Taurine.\²'''Jaehee''': Never mind.\²'''Jumin''': If we open a franchise all over the country\²'''Jaehee''': [[{{Angrish}} aelkfjeiejg]]²* If you try to call Jumin in his route in between the 8th and 10th day, you had... an interesting talk. The funny part wasn't the context, but the choice you can actually pick in that call.²--> [[CensoredForComedy I want to *** with ### while doing %$&.]]²* Messing around with the naming function. Since there's no character limit, no censorship and even the main characters' names aren't blocked, it's possible to:²** Get some ShipTease by masquerading as one of the other characters²** Create some weird situations when characters are talking to themselves²** Let them say somewhat ridiculous things²** Make them come out of the closet²* On day 9 of Jaehee's route the chat between Yoosung and 707. Seven pulls another prank Yoosung saying that there's a LOLOL expansion pack buried at his school. Yoosung says that LOLOL has no expansion packs and insists he wont fall for it. Yoosung insists that he's not stupid. He does it anyway. There's no expansion pack.²** Though hilarious, it quickly delves into MoodWhiplash when Yoosung finds [[spoiler:a photo of Rika's dog, Sally]] instead, and it reminds him of [[spoiler:how devastated Rika was when Sally was hit by a truck]].²* Day 6 of Jaehee's route Yoosung complains about the college tuition being raised at ''1 in the morning'' and seems to be in despair over the terrible school system. 2 seconds later he brushes it off saying he's glad he doesn't have to pay tuition because of his scholarship.²* [[ A glitch]] in Zen's After Ending makes it appear that [[spoiler:V is now a newscaster]] right after Jaehee and Jumin were talking about [[spoiler:him having gone missing.]]²* On Day 5 of Jumin's route, Zen's header image on his social media profile has a picture of his head photoshopped onto the sculpture "David." Yoosung, however, is drawn in the style of Edvard Munich's "The Scream." There's also Jumin who has a odd muscular bald man as his icon for a while for reasons unknown.²* In the chatroom "Here is Jumin Han's diary", Zen and Seven make fun of Jumin by roleplaying a scenario where they find his diary.²--> '''Zen''': Zen, the most perfect looking human in this world, has come here to take a break after hours of script reading.\²'''707''': And here, he found an old diary..\²'''Zen''': Finding the initials JMH on the cover, he opens it.\²'''707''': And he finds the diary of a boy full of emotions.\²'''Zen''': The words were all blurry\²'''707''': due to the tears he shed.\²'''Zen''': It was so very touching.\²'''707''': [[MoodWhiplash lol]]²* In Seven's route, Yoosung opens up a chat room calling for Jumin's blood. It turns out in order to stop Yoosung's gaming addiction, he went ahead and called his mom without notifying him, and Yoosung's subsequent freakout is hilarious.²** He continues to complain about how he has to clean and make Kimchi for a few chats, including a picture of him wiping the floor as he laments that he looks like Cinderella.²** This exchange between Yoosung and Zen:²-->'''Zen''': Having a good time with your mom again?\²'''Yoosung''': [[ -irritated emoji-]]\²'''Yoosung''': '''Do you want me to fight you?'''²* In Jumin's route, V makes it to the party and throws a little snark in [[GoldDigger Sarah]]'s direction. It's especially hilarious because V does not have a mean bone in his body, so if ''he'' snarks at someone, you know they've gone ''beyond'' deserving it.²-->'''V''': Is that person... over there Sarah? I can't really see. Her dress makes her look like a giant cake.²* During the Secret Route, Vanderwood begs Seven for a job. It doesn't even need a split second for Jaehee to offer her position.²* On the 10th Day of Jaehee's route, Jumin gets revenge on Seven by stealing one of his cars. He crashes it.²--> '''MC:''' How was the drive?²--> '''Jumin:''' It was fun.²--> '''Jumin:''' Until there was a small accident.²--> ''*picture of Seven's car burning*''²* In Secret 02, [[spoiler: Unknown]] mentions that he actually has no interest in women. Cue Yoosung and Zen instantly [[RunningGag call for Jumin]].²* There's a chat in the Christmas DLC in which you can say that V is handsome and you want to meet him in person. Yoosung gets distracted.²-->'''Yoosung''': Well, he is handsome, but...\²'''Jaehee''': [[YouGottaHaveBlueHair His hair color is very unique]], right?\²'''Yoosung''': Yeah, I've never seen anyone with the same hair color as him.\²'''Yoosung''': [[VisibleSilence ....]]\²'''Yoosung''': No... [[StupidSexyFlanders That isn't important right now]].²* In the April Fools DLC, at one point, [[spoiler:Unknown hacks into the messenger]], only this time, no one takes it seriously. When he tries to pull the stunts on you like he did in [[spoiler:the prologue]], you're allowed to [[BreakingTheFourthWall ask him why he never texted you back]]. [[ScrewThisImOuttaHere He eventually gives up and leaves]], but not before answering your text from the main game.²* In the April Fools DLC, Zen is trolled ridiculously hard by [[spoiler:all of the RFA members]]. Not only does Seven send him cardboard for his birthday and Jumin [[spoiler:tricks him into eating cat food]], but [[spoiler:he also gets tricked by Yoosung and Jaehee out of all people]]!²* Yoosung's tales about his omelettes are hilarious, especially the picture of the half-eaten omelette that he posts.²* In one second day chat during Another Story, it's finally revealed how V and Jumin met: [[spoiler: Jumin crashed his toy car into the side of V's house and proceeded to call the insurance company while standing right next to the wreakage. Keep in mind that the both of them were ''only in preschool'' at the time.]]²* While the entire [[spoiler: Day 9]] of V's route is rather serious and even tear jerking, one of the chats stands out for being utterly hilarious due to the mood whiplash it might give. [[spoiler: In this chat, Vanderwood gets a hold of one of 707's phones and basically uses it to rant and complain about 707.]]²-->[[spoiler:'''Vanderwood (using 707's account)''': Stop calling me MADAM!!!]] ²* On Day 6 of V's route, we have Zen and his dinosaur-ancient computer. It's yellowing with age, it can't handle browser updates without blue screen'ing, [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking and Yoosung can't play LOLOL on it]]. It's so old and outdated, it brought tears to 707's eyes! ²** Not to mention how digitally-inept Zen apparently is. You would think someone like Zen, who takes thousands of selfies of himself would change his phone's wallpaper... but according to Seven, Zen never changed it from the basic/start-up wallpaper since he first got the phone.²---> '''Zen:''' Back up?²---> '''Zen:''' How do you do that?²---> '''Zen:''' Do I have to download something for that?²---> '''Zen:''' Like some sort of .exe file?²* Another gem in Day 6 of V's route. If you make a call to Seven at noon, you will be hearing Seven attempting to mimic Jaehee.²* In Another Story, there's a phone call from Jaehee where you can get her to vent some anger about Jumin. She decides to complain about Elizabeth 3rd's lack of stripes.²---> '''Jaehee:''' Ju...Jumin Han, you cat lover...! You like stripes, but why isn't your cat striped...?!²* One chatroom from Another Story gives you an option to ask Jumin why he wants to use Yoosung as his intern. Jumin's [[BrutalHonesty answer]] is pure gold. ²---> '''Jumin:''' Yoosung, you look like a type of person²---> '''Jumin:''' who'd be very good at following orders.²---> '''Jumin:''' You know, like a pet waiting for its master.²* In Day 7 of Ray's route, Yoosung attempts to re-shoot the photo of Jumin petting Elizabeth the 3rd... [[ with a wig that doesn't fit his hair, and a bread in exchange of where Elizabeth the 3rd was supposed to be]]. [[OffModel His rather long fingers]] just add to the comedy.²** Not only that, Yoosung spends a whole day masquerading as Jumin and even calls the MC while mimicking Jumin.²* Another gem in Ray's route from the Day 5 chat, "Poem of Dawn", where Seven calls V ''Daddy'', of all things. While this gets [[spoiler:HarsherInHindsight considering the events of his own route]], it's still hilarious on it's own.²---> '''707:''' V²---> '''707:''' Ur my²---> '''707:''' big Daddy...!²---> '''707:''' it hurts a lot²---> '''707:''' to be rejected from daddy T_T²* In Day 6 of Ray's route, Jumin learning internet slang. It has to be seen to be believed.²---> '''Jumin''': I also learned²---> '''Jumin''': the feels train²---> '''Jumin''': dem onion ninjas²---> '''Jumin''': stan for life²** The MC can ask him ''who'' he stans for life. The answer? [[spoiler:Himself, of course.]]²** Gets a call back in the final chat before the party at day 11 where Jumin attempts to make a joke out of it. Even better, you can actually join along.²---> '''Jumin''': Fetch dem cookies on your way back.²---> '''MC''': And fetch dem crackers for me.²* When you get hearts by clicking on the Honey Buddha Chips icon on the bottom-right corner, descriptions will come out. Some can be quite hillarious.²--> Trash. How unfortunate.²----


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