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1* That they were only doing the Rookery for Leeroy in the first place!--> '''Jamaal:''' OK guys, these eggs have given us a lot of trouble in the past. Uh, does anybody need anything off this guy or can we bypass him?\'''Ritter:''' Uhh, I think Leeroy needs something from this guy.\'''Jamaal:''' Oh, does he need those Devout Shoulders? Doesn't -- isn't he a paladin?\'''Ritter:''' Yeah, but that will help him heal better, he'll have more mana.\'''Jamaal:''' [sighs] Christ..* [[{{beat}} The moment of silence before the others react to Leeroy's charge.]] Then the reaction itself; "Oh my God, he just ran in." And then the madness that promptly ensues.* After charging headlong into the rookery and aggravating the mobs, if you look closely, Leeroy can be seen trying to make a break for the doorway.* Seriously, who hollers their own name when going into battle? And it's such in an over the top, smirk-inducing volume as well...* When people start dying to all the mobs, there's the typical chorus of complaints and panic at first. Then there's a short {{Beat}} before everyone starts blaming Leeroy for the fiasco, to which Leeroy's only defense is a pathetic "It's not my fault..."* Leeroy's line at the end as everyone lies dead surrounded by angry whelps serves as the perfect [[TheStinger stinger]] for the whole disaster.-->'''Leeroy:''' At least I have chicken.* In the [[ practice run]], the team doesn't run in after Leeroy because they were already corpsing. Instead, the video just cuts off with Leeroy [[AttackAttackRetreatRetreat running straight back out of the door]] through the party yelling "Oh god!"** Even better, one person actually does run after Leeroy, only to double back when he realizes that everyone else is laughing too hard to follow.----


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