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1* Upon [[ hearing about]] [[Franchise/{{Superman}} Clark's]] crush on [[Franchise/WonderWoman Diana]], Batman pulls out [[GirlsHaveCooties an Anti-Cootie]] [[ToTheBatNoun Bat-idote]] from his utility belt.-->'''Mr. Schwartz''': My lord. Bruce, is that a '''syringe'''!?-->'''Batman''': [[ImplausibleDeniability What? No.]]* {{ComicBook/Darkseid}} [[ as the gym teacher]]. Enough said.* Are all men [[Franchise/{{Batman}} like that]] as children or [[ is he a defect?]]* Barry's reaction to hearing that Diana made a [[ table of food just for him]].* [[ "Quit being weird!"]]* Diana's reaction to [[ Barry ruining a special moment]] between her and her mom.* [[PerpetualFrowner Bruce]] complimenting Karen's smiley face t-shirt.* Bruce walks down the corridor saying "Tchoo! Tchoo!" and stretching out his arms. Clark wonders what he's doing. [[spoiler: Playing Spider-Man!]] [[ Tchoo!]]** Also became SugarWiki/HeartwarmingMoments when it circulated around the web the day Stan Lee died.* Bruce's "Stellar" reasoning about [[spoiler:his crush on Karen.]]-->'''Bruce:''' [[ She's blonde, and I'm rich.]]** And he wins her over by [[AllGirlsLikePonies mentioning that he owns horses they can ride]].* [[ "Now we boogie."]]* [[ "Cheese it, Ted!"]]* [[ "You have the creepiest smile!"]]* [[ The face Bruce makes when Barry absent-mindedly gets his note confiscated by Mr. Schwartz.]] Even better, Clark is mostly off panel, but you can see ''just'' enough of him to tell that he's {{Facepalm}}ing.** Better yet is that Bruce tells [[SuperSpeed Barry]] to be quick about it, and Barry just ''walks'' to Karen.* [[ "Your move, Night Light!"]]* [[ Clark discovers that swords don't hurt him. ]]* Even SuperSpeed spinning can't best the StealthHiBye powers of [[ Bruce Wayne.]]* Hippolyta shows J'onn how to dunk oreos in milk. He promptly hits her in delight.--> '''Hippolyta''': WHAT MANNER OF MADNESS TOUCHES YOU, CHILD!?--> '''J'onn''': Ohmygosh, did I do something wrong? I'm so sorry! I was told that that was an earthly sign of affection!--> '''Hippolyta''': WHAT CRETINS WOULD SPEAK SUCH FOOLISHNESS?--> [Hippolyta turns and sees Barry trying to force Hal to eat cake while Hal shoves him away with both hands and one hand construct from his ring]


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