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1[[quoteright:350:]] ²[[caption-width-right:350:Good morning!]]²* When Ryan refers to Tree as Carter’s girlfriend, he politely tries to deny it. She immediately shoots him a glare, and he asks her if she is his girlfriend, to which she replies “Kind of,” and the most adorable grin forms on Carter’s face.²* "Do I look like someone who knows what the multiverse is?"²* An infuriated Tree storms around campus on yet another Monday the 18th and does things like throw the “save the environment” girl’s clipboard and simply screaming “YOU ARE ''GAAAAAAY''” to Tim when he tries to talk to her.²* In her first Monday the 18th in her alternate universe, [[spoiler: Tree is so thrown by Lori not being the killer (and disabled by being hand-cuffed) that she runs away from Babyface... right off the hospital roof.]] What makes it funny is when she wakes up on the new day 2:²--> '''Tree''': (''looking disgusted with herself'') Rookie mistake.²* Tree is every bit as ticked off by the fact that Carter and ''Danielle'' are dating in the alternate timeline she finds herself in as by the fact that she is stuck in another loop. Whenever she catches them making them out she shoots them a DeathGlare and even [[spoiler: deliberately stages a particularly messy suicide right in front of them ''solely'' to ruin one of their make out sessions. ''While FlippingTheBird [[BreakingTheFourthWall at the camera]].'']]²** “O Fortuna” plays as Tree first sees Carter and Danielle kiss.²* Again the FailureMontage is full of those, with the highlight, aside from the spoiled one above, being Tree's WildHair after an ElectrifiedBathtub suicide.²* The scientists amazed at Tree easily writing down a complex equation.²* Everyone is less than amused when Danielle calls Carter and [[{{Glurge}} "You're Beautiful"]] plays. ("Hey, she picked it out!")²* Once Tree calls Ryan, her name in his phone is "Crazy White Girl".²* Danielle has many of them, such as complaining that her "[[MyEyesAreUpHere head is in the middle]]" and mistaking Helen Keller for Anne Frank.²** The scene where Tree discovers Danielle [[spoiler: is cheating on Carter with the frat boy she wanted in the original timeline. And he's a DumbMuscle who makes her attempts at covering up [[DiggingYourselfDeeper fail miserably]].]]²--->'''Nick:''' ''[looks at Danielle after Tree leaves]'' What??\²'''Danielle:''' You are dumber than a ''rock''!\²'''Nick:''' How can I be dumber than a rock? Rocks don't have brains!\²(Danielle's disgusted reaction really sells it.)²* After Bronson confiscates the reactor:²-->'''Samar:''' My parents are going to hang me! By my nutsack!\²'''Dre:''' I’m with him. Except for the nutsack part.²* Danielle's attempt to distract Bronson by pretending to be a blind French exchange student. She uses one of the worst 'French' accents in cinema history, causes absolute chaos with her cane, all but physically assaults Bronson while clumsily trying to 'see' his face with her hands and at one point manages to forget which foreign language she is meant to know ('gracias').²* Tree drops a PreMortemOneLiner worthy of Creator/ArnoldSchwarzenegger in his prime right before finishing off the BigBad.²-->'''Tree:''' [[spoiler:[[{{Pun}} You're screwed.]] ''[impales the killer with a screwdriver]'']]²* After the killer is wasted, Lori notes that [[spoiler:she picked a good place (the middle of a hospital) to get shot]].²* One of Tree's many suicides: standing in the middle of a grocery store, picking out drain cleaner, looking directly at a man who's watching her and raising it like she's toasting, then just chugging it.


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