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1* From their [[ show]] about Manga/CaseClosed:²--> Joel: "You know, typical ‘we're gonna appeal to little kids by making them the heroes'"²--> Dave: "Yeah, like, ‘get it, you’re smarter than the adults!’"²--> Joel: "Which is really a good lesson to teach kids, because they don’t even know not to play in traffic."²--> Dave: "Yeah. There were a lot of times, when I was kid, where I thought I was smarter than my parents. And I think almost unanimously I was wrong on, like, every step. Like, ‘Hey, you shouldn’t light baseball bats on fire and swing them around,’ and I’m like ’...... I think I probably should. In fact, I’m like 100% sure that this is the right course of action!’ And that’s why I don’t have any hair on my arms."²²* From their [[ show]] about their distaste with ''Manga/GunslingerGirl'':²--> Dave: "My constant worry is that this made by like....a 6 year-old cancer survivor little girl."²--> Joel: "so when I show up with a can of gasoline and a lighter..."²--> Dave: "This is awkward..."²--> Joel: "Well.....lets hope the bed burns hotter"²--> Dave: "Shoulda done my research..."²* And of course, the classic...²--> Joel: "HIS NAME HANABI! HE RIVE WITH HONOUR!."²²----


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