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1* One episode features Special Ed making a call to NASA; after some time, the receptionist realized this was a ''Crank Yankers'' call. Special Ed, or at least the actor who played him, performed a subtle congratulations to her for being the first person to realize what was going on.²* WandaSykes was a recurring guest star, and one of her calls was to a video store, saying that she rented a movie for her kid's birthday party, put it on and left the room for a few minutes, only to come back and realize that the video was accidentally switched with a hardcore porno.²* Many of the background gags, which were very well thought-out even sometimes when the calls themselves weren't very entertaining.²* Spoonie Luv Places a Personal²--> '''Lady at the Village Voice''': You can't put that in your ad; you can't put that in print.²* "We get to drink booze over here if we wanna. It's Saturday."²* "Hits a Deer," in which Bobby Fletcher is supposedly in a car accident while talking on the phone with someone from the electric company about his bill. He claims that he hit a deer, but you can hear someone moaning and shouting in pain in the background the whole time. Finally...²-->'''Bobby''': Okay, listen, between us two... it wasn't a deer.²* The now [[MemeticMutation infamous]] furby prank call, with a literally possessed Demonic furby. Its as funny as it sounds, and is the most well known skit from the series for that reason.


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