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1* From the first episode of the dub:-->'''Momiji:''' I wish, I wish I'd killed that little-- No, Momiji, keep it PG...* KFI - [[ Kenshiro Face Infection.]]* Pretty much any time Momiji breaks out the cosplay.* Momiji summoning her army for the first time, amidst horror imagery and ominous music... only for them to wander off and watch TV. * Kuroyuri's TearsOfBlood accompanied with screams of horror after eating Ichiko's food. And then she explodes.* Botan's first comment on meeting Tsuwabuki manages to make a normally mundane SheIsNotMyGirlfriend moment all the more hysterical with the way Ichiko and Tsuwabuki respond. Namely, [[YourHeadAsplode making their heads shatter.]]** Pretty much any Ichiko/Tsuwabuki ShipTease moment.*** Taken UpToEleven vs [[spoiler:Ikari when they become a couple in mid-fight]] and [[spoiler:Ikari]] at one point blasts them back and feels a little guilty.* The Song of [[ Fan]][[ service.]]* The scene when Bobby chases after some jogging high school girls, only to be apprehended by the cops.* The anime's Manga/DeathNote ImagineSpot. ''All of it.''


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