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1!!Season 1* Ace's FishOutOfWater act regularly leads to confusion, leading to the following line. -->Mark: "Ace, we've been through this, they're ''gnomes''. They're not going to attack you." ** Funnier for people who played the game as there actually ''are'' killer gnomes in the garden levels.* Ace breaks Mark's backdoor and blender. When Mark complains, this is Ace's response:-->'''Ace:''' Am I missing something here? Lord Fear is the problem. Not the blender.* Chuck has a number of laugh-out-loud moments in both seasons. His vomiting scenes are crude but funny.* Ace's early habit of getting Mark's name wrong.* There is something hilarious about the most evil forces in the universe driving around in an ice cream truck.* Mark's parents fighting after Simon trashes his wife's flowerbed with the lawnmower.* Lady Illusion disguises herself as Mr. Cheseborough but quickly gives away who she is when she angrily karate chops a school desk in two in front of the whole class.* Mr. Cheseborough screaming like a little girl when Lord Fear kidnaps him.-->'''Mr. Cheseborough:''' This is an outrage! I'm a science teacher! I'm gone tenure! I have a parking spot!* This LookBehindYou gag in Episode 3:-->''Ace appears behind Pigface and Dirty Rat.''-->'''Mark:''' Ace!-->'''Dirty Rat:''' Oh, sure, sure. Like we're really gonna fall for that old trick. How stupid do we look?-->'''Mark:''' You want an honest answer?-->'''Ace:''' Is this a private party, or can anyone join?-->'''Dirty Rat:''' [[OhCrap Uh-oh]].* The chase between the school bus and the ice cream truck. Lord Fear torments Mark from outside, but Chuck is oblivious to the whole thing since he is playing on his game console. Lord Fear then scares the NewAgeRetroHippie bus driver, before taking over driving from Duff, which only causes the truck to crash when Ace zaps it.-->'''Ace:''' I'll take a chocolate cone with sprinkles on top.* Ace has a go at playing football and kicks the ball into the sky. Coach thinks Mark did it and puts him on the school team.* The delirious Chuck after being exposed to one of Lady Illusion's bombs. He bursts into song and sings "My Lord Kumbaya".* This little gem:-->'''Lord Fear:''' Well, did you destroy the wretched sidekick?-->'''Pigface:''' The mortal lives. Pigface fail...but Pigface full.-->'''Lord Fear:''' I'm surrounded by incompetence!* Ace tricks Anvil into charging him, and the rhino rams face first into a dumpster. Ace then picks him up and dumps into it.* Pigface's lack of manners are both grose and hilarious.-->'''Lady Illusion:''' That's another thing. Does ''he'' have to be here?-->'''Pigface:''' Not Pigface fault. I can't help it if I smell bad!-->'''Lord Fear:''' Snookums, you've hurt his feelings. His repellant powers will be useful when we get out of this wayward world.-->''Pigface picks his nose.''* Ace dismantling a handdryer in the school toilets.* Mark and Mr. Cheseborough's chat in the same loos.-->'''Mr. Cheseborough:''' What are you doing in here?-->'''Mark:''' Isn't that kind of a personal thing, Mr. Cheseborough.* Lord Fear and Dirty Rat's discussion following Lady Illusion's departure from their team:-->'''Dirty Rat:''' It's a good news/bad news kind of thing, L.f. Now the bad news do I put this to you without you losing it. The Amulet's missing.-->'''Lord Fear:''' And the good news?-->'''Dirty Rat:''' Yeah, well, the thing is there ain't no good news. Just trying to cushion the blow over the whole missing Amulet thing there. To tell you the truth, I would've figured you would have lost it by now. Those anger management tapes are really, really helping.-->'''Lord Fear:''' SHUT UP!* Mark's reaction to Ace and Lady Illusion's unexpected romance: "Nothing in the rulebook says they can fall in love."* Lord Fear terrifying Wayne and his friends repeatedly.* Ace has to dress up in as a police officer complete with a face mask after Googler zaps his powers. He claims he found the outfit in the Thunder Tower. What were they doing there?* Duff and Dirty Rat bonding over money.* The tenth episode is hilarious from beginning to end. Samantha gets a job at the carnival, so Ace and Mark go undercover to keep an eye on her. Ace disguises himself as a biker, and Mark crossdresses as an American blonde! In a skirt and high heels! And Wayne starts hitting on him!** Fiona's reaction when Chuck points out her gnomes have been broken.** Chuck flees from Wayne and hides in a tent full of chocolate and sweets. "Hallelujah" starts playing.** Ace having a go on the carnival's strength testing game, sending the bell flying.* Mark dragging poor Chuck onto the Tunnel of Love to pursue Samantha.** Mark attempts to woo Samantha by spouting out famous British people, then spots Random Virus on the ride.--->'''Chuck:''' Random Virus is British?* In the video game, there is a wanted poster for Ace that reads "Wanted: Dead or Really Dead".* Ace crashlands onto Mr. Cheseborough's car, and then the ice cream trucks runs over his briefcase.* Mr. Cheseborough speaks to Ace on Mark's phone demanding to know who he is:-->'''Ace Lightning:''' I am Ace Lightning from the Sixth Dimension. I am a superhero.-->'''Mr. Cheseborough:''' A superhero? I guess that must make me Batman. Excuse me while I put on my cape.-->'''Ace Lightning:''' Batman?* Duff has a zombified Ace hold up his truck so he can do repair work to it.* In "The Field Trip", Ace and Sparx play chess and chequers to pass the time.** Mr. Cheseborough getting stuck on the carnival's spinner ride and is tormented by Duff from afar.* "Not Alone At Home" takes a page out of ''Film/HomeAlone'''s book and has the villains trying to sneak into Mark's house to eliminate him. It goes as well as can be expected. Amongst the hilarious moments are:** Lord Fear gets stuck in the chimney.** Staff Head enters the house by coming out of the toilet, and Mark's cousin Ashley mistakes him for the tooth fairy.** Pigface encounters a pizza deliveryman, devours the pizza box, then raids the delivery van. The deliveryman hides in the bushes til Lord Fear falls off the roof, and hides til Mark's parents come home.** In the episode's B plot, Lady Illusion attacks the Lightning Knights and gets into an epic cat fight with Sparx over Ace. Ace gets knocked out, while the ladies beat the crap out of each other whilst insulting each other.-->'''Sparx:''' Speaking of heads, did anyone ever tell you that your hair looks like roadkill?* The whole of Conestoga Hills going crazy about spaceship sightings. * Lord Fear tortures Pete by deliberately playing the organ and singing badly.* Duff tricks Lord Fear into sitting on a whoopee cushion for April Fool's. Lord Fear takes it lightly, but Staff Head rages at Duff.* Lady Illusion disguises herself as Mark and eats a rubber spider before a horrified Chuck.* Pigface getting stuck in Mark's bin, running off in it, and then wearing it for the rest of the episode.* Chuck nicknaming his temporarily empowered foot "Thunderfoot" and giving Wayne a mega wedgie.* Ace exercising on a running machine, but he runs so fast he breaks it.* This shameless moment of flirting between Mark and Heather:-->'''Heather:''' You looked great out there.-->'''Mark:''' Thanks, it was a good game.-->'''Heather:''' I wasn't talking about the game.-->''*Mark's jaw drops*''* "The Not So Great Outdoors" has Mark, Chuck, Brett, and Simon go camping. Shenanigans follow.** Simon: "Westward, Ho!"** Chuck throws up in the van all over the map.** The RunningGag where the characters try to ask a rude gas station attendant for directions. He basically tells Mark to shove off, is terrified when Pigface tries to eat a vending machine, and then when Ace lists up a car with one hand, he silently points the way to the campsite.** Wayne's boastful dad is quite funny, claiming squirrels are really [[KillerRabbit killer animals]].** Staff Head compares an oddly shaped tree branch to his cousin.** Simons wallops Dirty Rat with a FryingPanOfDoom mistaking him for a vulture.* Lord Fear getting depressed that he doesn't have a fanclub.* Heather's deadly martial arts - her usual partner is in tractions, and she breaks Mark's arm.* Coach revealing his an Ace Lightning fanboy.* Chuck discovers Wayne used to pick his nose and eaten the contents - Wayne swears Chuck into secrecy and lets him date Jessica.* Lord Fear crashes Chuck's fanclub meeting, but while everyone freaks out, Coach just sits there as if this were part of the presentation.* During the school rendition of ''The Phantom of the Opera'', Chuck (who is the Phantom) throws up, just as Lord Fear steps onstage to seize the Amulet. Mark opens the curtains, and Lord Fear assumes the audience are applauding him. He is so happy that he sits down and plays the organ onstage.* Dirty Rat overthrows Lord Fear and then spends his power by doing some TV shopping.* The Lampshading in the first season finale when Ace crashes down the side of Mark's house.-->'''Ace:''' At least I didn't break the window.-->'''Mark:''' Forget about the window. Are you alright?* Mr. Cheseborough admitting he likes Mrs. Kutcher's cooking - she takes it as a confession of love.* Duff tries to run over Lord Fear with his ice cream truck.


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