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1[[AC:FridgeBrilliance]]* A number of aspects of Sheldon's childhood are substantially toned down from what he describes in ''Series/TheBigBangTheory''. His father is a much more reasonable and supportive figure, his parents' fights are fairly unremarkable domestic squabbles, and his small town is neither as rural or as backwards as adult Sheldon portrayed. But we also see Sheldon's rather extreme reactions to these fairly minor issues (such as asking if his parents are getting divorced after he hears them arguing). Possibly, his immaturity and sensitivity caused him to exaggerate things in his own mind, causing the clear disparity between his adult recollections and the actual events.** In the Season 1 finale, we discover why. The narrator Sheldon, is NOT the Sheldon from ''Series/TheBigBangTheory'' era, but from that show's future. It's an older and apparently much more mature Sheldon who can now perhaps have a better understanding of his family's dynamics.*** Also, in "Family Dynamics and a Red Fiero" the narrator Sheldon blatantly admits that if he ever understood the sacrifices his father made for his family's happiness, he would have been a more compassionate and understanding son. Given that in ''Series/TheBigBangTheory'' it took his marriage with Amy to mend his relationship with Georgie (strained when Sheldon left for Europe, leaving Georgie to care for his now widowed mother and orphan sister alone) and the worries about his Nobel to realize how similar George Sr. and him were and how much he taught to him, Future!Sheldon is a Sheldon who learned long ago to appreciate his family more and [[spoiler: as he became a father and a family man himself,]] had a better understanding of how a family should work.** Some of it may be intentional UnreliableNarrator on Sheldon's part. For example Billy Sparks is portrayed as a DecompositeCharacter with his bullying of Sheldon passed onto his younger sister. It's possible that Sheldon was embarrassed by being tormented by a little girl, so told his friends that it was Billy instead, as the others were unlikely to be in a position to find out, making the Billy that Sheldon describes in the main show is a CompositeCharacter with Bobbi.*** Speaking of Billy Sparks, he did indeed bully Sheldon in the pilot, calling Sheldon "doofus" and exploiting his fear of chickens. From the next episode onwards, the two are on friendly terms. Seeing as how Sheldon used the techniques he read in ''How to Win Friends and Influence People'' on Billy in the second episode, it's a bit more obvious why Billy's nicer to him now.


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