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1[[foldercontrol]][[folder: Fridge Logic]]* At times it can be difficult to tell if the characters are truly talking to each other or are contacting via some online device. Following that logic, if they were actually just talking to each other, it gets confusing on how other characters get suddenly and fully informed about the event. This is usually [[HandWave handwaved]] by the phrase "I read the feed" or a variant of that due to the discussions occurring online on the site.** However, recent discussions appear to be more as actual interactions.[[/folder]][[folder: Fridge Horror]]* Like most cases of MayflyDecemberRomance, Pit with being an angel will probably outlive his love, Red who is a human.** This turns into a case of Fridge Brilliance on why Pit's rushing to get married to Red.[[/folder]]----


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