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1* Regarding the famous [[ strip]] that gave use UsefulNotes/TheBechdelTest: The woman says that she will only see a movie if it passes her test. But how does she know if a movie passes the test unless she sees it first?** Movie trailers, reviews, interviews and other publicity can reveal violations.*** Can, but all too often ''don't''. Especially at the time the strip was written. Also consider that the all it takes to supposedly pass the test is a single brief conversation that in an of itself can still be incredibly sexist (just as long as it isn't about a man). "[[AllWomenLoveShoes Oh my god, I love your shoes!]]"*** Sexism isn't exactly the goal of the test, simply that two women are depicted as having a relationship that doesn't hinge on a man. One character initiating a conversation with another by complimenting her shoes could be a form of flirting.** Also, that woman is not supposed to be a role model. It's just supposed to illustrate Hollywood's sexism in that a person who applied such standards would have a hard time watching movies.


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