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1!!Fridge Brilliance≤* DoWellButNotPerfect: You don't get maximum points for killing quickly and efficiently. You're playing a creepy slasher movie killer, in service to an EldritchAbomination that consumes souls by repeatedly terrorizing the victims offered to it in sacrifice. Your rank is awarded by the Entity based on how much soul it gets from each run through. Same for survivors. It's rewarding you for putting yourself in terrorizing situations. For offering larger parts of your soul each run through.≤* The Wraith's backstory mentions that after killing his former boss in a compactor, he ripped his head and spine out and was never seen again. The Wraith's weapon is an axe that is conspicuously made using a skull and spinal cord for the axe head. The Wraith made his weapon from the boss' remains!≤* Fridge Heartwarming: Quentin's backstory implies that Nancy was still alive when he and [[Franchise/ANightmareOnElmStreet Freddy]] got pulled into the Entity's realm. Since Freddy can't escape, he can't go after her again. It's akin to a MutualKill or SealedEvilInADuel, but Quentin won!≤* Fridge Brilliance: the non-horror movie characters do represent different types of 80s horror movies. ≤** The Trapper: The cold, calculating type. He resembles early Jason, Both characters do their killing for a parental figure, and rely heavily on drop attacks and traps. The Trapper could also be compared to the Miner from ''Film/MyBloodyValentine''.≤** The Hillbilly: The isolated, deformed type. The Leatherface type, they were isolated and mistreated for their physical appearances, and turned to murder. ≤** The Wraith: The TragicMonster type. He was tricked into becoming a killer, or snapped from a horrible thing or event. This closely reflects the situation of [[Film/TheFly1986 Doctor Seth Brundle]] or [[Literature/TheShining Jack Torrance]].≤** The Nurse: The [[FaceOfAnAngelMindOfADemon "innocent" with an evil heart]]. This is an antagonist who seems innocent at first, but turns out to have an evil heart. The Nurse's backstory reveals her SanitySlippage, but it still stands with her being a nice person who casually commits murder. Good examples of similar killers are those in ''Film/MotelHell'' or in ''Film/FrightNight1985''.≤** The Doctor: The MadDoctor or the DeadlyDoctor. Pretty self explanatory: He starts off with good intentions, but quickly spirals into evil schemes.≤** The Huntress: The [[ScarilyCompetentTracker skilled hunter type]]. The one who doesn't appear to be smart at first, but is quickly revealed to be hunting people with just as much skill and persistence as a normal hunter tracks game.≤** The Hag: She seems to represent the entire exploitation horror genre. She was cannibalized and her execution is arguably the most brutal in the game: cannibalization, HollywoodVoodoo, and brutal deaths all being common subjects in the subgenre.≤** The Clown: The MonsterClown type. He is intentionally designed to trigger people's coulrophobia, resembling [[Film/It1990 Pennywise]] and various other killer clowns.≤** The Spirit: A clear {{expy}} of pale-face vengeful spirit girls from movies such as ''Literature/TheRing'' or ''[[Film/JuOn The Grudge]]''.≤** The Legion: The "Group-of-Killers" type; the killer that isn't just one person, but several people working together with one goal in mind, ala ''Film/{{Scream}}''. Like in those films, the Legion doesn't have any special abilities, just the urge to kill and the ability to do so. ≤** The Plague; Adiris is an AncientEvil from a distant empire, similar to ''Film/TheMummy'', particularly the 2017 version.≤* The addition of [[Franchise/{{Saw}} Amanda Young]] as "The Pig" had confused quite a few people; after all, Amanda had a minor role as an apprentice compared to Hoffman, not to mention they could've added John Kramer himself. But the mechanics of the game make it clear why Amanda was chosen (by the developers, not the Entity) as opposed to Kramer or Hoffman:≤** The point of the game is to sacrifice and kill the survivors. Kramer believed in giving his victims a chance, and if they died, it was due to them failing his game; he never killed them directly, something that would be fully contradicted by him going around sticking them on hooks. Amanda, however, believed nobody could be saved, and would be more at home with just straight-up killing people. As a secondary note, the reasoning below for Hoffman also applies to Kramer.≤** Hoffman, like Kramer, was very skilled at predicting his opponents, taking BatmanGambit to extremes. But in this game, it's very possible for even a skilled killer to never kill a survivor due to their strategies, and even killing all the survivors likely means that they had gotten close to their goal by getting the generators and saving each other. This would make for some BadassDecay for Hoffman; however, Amanda would more frequently just do what Kramer said, and ''did'' "fail" in the end (and was never seen as invincible like Kramer or Hoffman). So the chance of her messing up is in character.≤** And an in-universe explanation for why the Entity took her and not Hoffman (or even Kramer): she was the very first Jigsaw killer or apprentice to die. So the Entity may have had an eye on Jigsaw's works, grabbed the first apprentice or killer who died and thus became available, and worked with what it had.≤** Adding onto this, let's be real: John Kramer might be good at what he does, but he's a man in poor health. He wouldn't be able to chase the survivors or carry them to the hooks by himself. He was even in a wheelchair around the end of his life. So unless the Entity would give him a giant mecha to pilot, I doubt he would be selected.≤* Occasionally, Killer players give the last Survivor a break and even carry them to the open trapdoor. It's nice of the player when they do this and for some Killers (like the Nurse) it might be believable, but it's uncharacteristic for killers like Freddy Krueger or Amanda Young to be letting people escape. And wouldn't the Entity be angry that they didn't sacrifice as many Survivors as they could've? That's where the FridgeBrilliance kicks in - out of universe, one player is just surprising another by giving them the escape. InUniverse, the last Survivor's hopes of escape have all been dashed, they have witnessed the bloody demise of their friends, and they expect to be killed - until miraculously, the Killer lets them escape. In other words, when they hit the DespairEventHorizon and would no longer give the Entity food even if they were hooked, [[ManipulativeBastard the]] [[CruelMercy Killer]] gives them back hope to carry into the next trial - and the next hook.≤* Playing as the Killer gives you a first-person view, which allows you to focus on your targets. Playing as one of the survivors, meanwhile, gives you a third-person view, giving you much greater environmental awareness. You see this exact same thing in nature - predators have forward-facing eyes, giving them binocular vision which allows them to better focus on a target, whereas prey species typically have eyes on each side of their heads, for being able to see nearly everything around them. Prey need that environmental awareness in order to stand a chance of escaping from predators, and that's also why survivors play in third-person instead of first-person.≤* If Hillbilly (a disfigured chainsaw wielder who protects the family farm) was BHVR's way of getting a Leatherface {{expy}} past copyright lawyers before they managed to get the rights to the character, the Legion (a set of teenagers brandishing a hunting knife who wear similar outfits and long white masks to appear as if they are one person) is clearly a similar rip-off, but for [[Film/Scream1996 Ghostface]].≤* It actually makes sense that the Legion are considered one of the weakest Killers, if not ''the'' weakest Killer, by general standards considering that... they're a gang. They're used to operating in a "pack", not being required to hunt solo, and so chances are, from an in-universe perspective, even ''they're'' probably at a place of needing to re-strategize their tactics.≤≤!!Fridge Logic≤* Why did Philip Ojomo even become a serial killer? He was incredibly angry that his boss used him for murder when he discovered one of the victims in the trunk of a car he was about to compress. If he was so against killing innocent people, why would he continue to kill innocent people after he took revenge on his boss? Besides that, how does his powers as the Wraith have anything to do with his backstory? Most of the killers have some explanation for how they do what they do or their powers related to who they were in life. Why did Philip get the power to go invisible? The fact he is a reference for the phrase "for whom to bell tolls" also doesn't make a lot of sense since bells had no significance for him in life.≤** Throwing a person in a crusher and then ripping out their head and spine as they're being painfully crushed to death, no matter how much of an AssholeVictim they were, are not the acts of a person motivated by a sense of right and wrong or regard for human life. Philip completely lost it when he realized the peaceful, safe life he'd worked hard to achieve, especially as it was implied that he was trying to escape a DarkAndTroubledPast and potentially even had done wrongs himself he was trying to move on from and reform himself ("came to this country without anything than '''hope for a new beginning'''"; "He had seen criminal activity '''up close''' in his homeland"). There's no indication that he ever snapped back out of the insanity and rage he was in when he killed his boss, and considering what a horrible thing he'd done and how his hopes for a new life were dashed, the sympathetic Philip is probably gone for good. Besides, it sounds like the Entity probably snatched him up soon after that and it's implied the Entity is willing to torture its Killers to make them do what it wants, so even if Philip didn't want to do it, he'd just be tortured until he snapped again and went after the survivors. As for his invisibility, probably either the Entity gave it to him as it gives the other killers and survivors powers (maybe it wanted to see how an invisible killer would perform and how the survivors would react) or he might've happened to have some undisclosed occult knowledge from whatever country he came from that wasn't relevant to anything in his background but that he now uses to turn himself invisible, just as villagers in the Hag's town knew spells they taught her. And technically speaking, his bio does say "Then he left and '''was never seen again'''" - so if you're willing to stretch it, it's at least referenced in his background.≤** Depending on how far you want to stretch things to include game and story integration, The Wraith is widely considered the worst killer in game. If he is indeed Ojomo, then this whole (intentional) murder thing is pretty new for him, thus he is not as good as all the other killers who donít give off as much of a warning sign that they are right behind you. Or for that matter the advantages of being able to attack when your target canít see you.≤** It could be possible that even though he wasn't aware of the other victims he compacted, the Entity still considered them his victims. He was still the cause of their deaths by putting the cars through the crusher (think about it, how many cars did he crush before he found the guy inside of the one that made him realize what was happening?). So, in the Entity's "eyes" (so to speak), he was their killer and their blood was on his hands. And when he finally killed Azarov, that was just the final nail in the coffin of his sanity. He may have been a good guy once upon a time, but he broke bad as a result of realizing that he murdered a lot of people, even if he never had the inclination to do so before that discovery. As a result, the unintentional body count he racked up and the cruelty of the deaths was enough to capture the Entity's attention. It makes sense when you consider the amount of victims the other killers had under their belt (especially for slasher killers like Michael Myers {75 victims, not including the kills from the remake and it's sequel and the upcoming Halloween film}, Freddy Kruger {5, as he's the Freddy from the remake, while the original Freddy has 34 kills, not including Wes Craven's New Nightmare}, Amanda aka The Pig (Though we know she was responsible for at least three deaths directly, she was indirectly responsible for some of the Jigsaw deaths as she was the apprentice to Kramer) and Leatherface {28, not including the remake and the remake's prequel), and how cruel the deaths of their victims were.≤≤!!Fridge Horror≤* One wonders how long the Entity has been around and active in the Dead By Daylight Universe....≤* [[TimeAbyss 1896]] is the latest date.≤** Scratch that; as of "Demise of the Faithful" the Entity has existed as far back as ''3100 B.C.'' ≤** More specifically, the devs say the Entity can pull anyone in from any time period. It might be able to travel through time.≤* The mere idea that different slasher movies are in the same universe according to Dead By Daylight. LET THAT SINK IN!!


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