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1* Cher's CompletelyOffTopicReport on Haiti is actually the (rather crude and underdeveloped) foundations of a reasonable argument on the subject, for a high-school debate class at least. What Cher is essentially ''trying'' to do is make a comparison between her party and the wealth of resources available to the United States; while Cher was initially frustrated at the amount of attendees who didn't RSVP, she later discovered that she did in fact have enough to accommodate them and the party was made even more fun by their presence. Similarly, the United States might have to do some 'rearranging' to accommodate refugees from Haiti, but the country ultimately has more than enough resources to make available to them and their presence will ultimately have a beneficial effect on the country overall. It's an establishing of Cher's HiddenDepths: she's not unintelligent, she just doesn't apply herself.* AgeGapRomance, FlirtyStepsiblings. Cher is 16, failing her driver's exam. Josh is in college in his own apartment, probably least 19, possibly older given that Mel insisted on staying in his step-son's life. So the movie's romantic climax is a college student French-kissing his 16 year old (step)sister.


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