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1[[AC:FridgeBrilliance]]* Under the {{Flanderization}} entry on the main page, it mentions that Chugga didn't make bad puns as often in his earlier let's plays and felt ashamed when he did while nowadays, [[PungeonMaster he is well known for making bad puns]]. However, in his fifth anniversary video, Chugga mentioned that [[CreatorBacklash he personally feels that his earlier let's plays sucked because he was afraid of being himself back then]]. This means that Chugga has always liked making bad puns, he was just afraid of making them back then.* A sort of [[SugarWiki/HeartwarmingMoments Fridge Heartwarming]], but in [[VideoGame/PokemonPlatinum his Platinum LP]] he names his Tropius 'Sweet Ride' as a reference to Marilland. In Marilland's second guest appearance, he mentions he has been watching the playthrough. Now imagine his reaction to seeing Chugga name the Tropius.----


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