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1In September 1990, the game ''Wing Commander'' was released by Creator/OriginSystems, Inc. [[Discworld/LordsAndLadies And then it exploded.]]˛˛Throughout TheNineties, it was rare to have a year without a Wing Commander release, whether an ExpansionPack or a new game, culminating in the online release of ''Wing Commander Secret Ops'' in 1998.˛˛The series has been so influential on the entire space sim genre, even years after the last release (''Wing Commander Arena'', an UsefulNotes/XBoxLiveArcade game) and a dozen years after the last major game release (''Wing Commander Secret Ops''), many articles reviewing a game that involves space flight or involving storylines as an integral part of the gameplay will reference the Wing Commander series.˛˛Along with the games, Origin (and later Creator/ElectronicArts, who purchased Origin in 1993) licensed works in other media to contribute to the WC universe, all of which counts towards {{canon}}.˛˛The media in which Wing Commander has had a presence, in approximate order of the initial release:˛* [[VideoGame/WingCommander The Wing Commander games.]]˛** [[VideoGame/WingCommanderTheKilrathiSaga The Kilrathi Saga]]˛** [[VideoGame/WingCommanderIVThePriceOfFreedom The Price of Freedom]]˛** [[VideoGame/WingCommanderPrivateer The Privateer series]]˛* [[Literature/WingCommander The novels.]]˛* [[WesternAnimation/WingCommanderAcademy The 1996 cartoon show]] on Creator/USANetwork.˛* [[Film/WingCommander The 1998 theatrical release.]]˛˛For character related tropes covering all Wing Commander related media, please see the [[Characters/WingCommander characters page]].˛----


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