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1[[quoteright:350:]]²²This is Wiki/TVTropes' main page for any Music/FrankZappa-related articles.²²!!Articles about Frank Zappa:²²[[index]]²* Music/FrankZappa is the main entry about the artist.²²!!Articles about his albums:²* ''Music/FreakOut'' (1966)²* ''Music/AbsolutelyFree'' (1967)²* ''Music/LumpyGravy'' (1968)²* ''Music/WereOnlyInItForTheMoney'' (1968)²* ''Music/CruisingWithRubenAndTheJets'' (1968)²* ''Music/UncleMeat'' (1969)²* ''Music/HotRats'' (1969)²* ''Music/BurntWeenySandwich'' (1970)²* ''Music/WeaselsRippedMyFlesh'' (1970)²* ''Music/ChungasRevenge'' (1970)²* ''Music/FillmoreEastJune1971'' (1971)²* ''Film/TwoHundredMotels'' (1971)²* ''Music/JustAnotherBandFromLA'' (1972)²* ''Music/WakaJawaka'' (1972)²* ''Music/TheGrandWazoo'' (1972)²* ''Music/OverNiteSensation'' (1973)²* ''Music/{{Apostrophe}}'' (1974)²* ''Music/RoxyAndElsewhere'' (1974)²* ''Music/OneSizeFitsAll'' (1975)²* ''Music/BongoFury'' (1975)²* ''Music/ZootAllures'' (1976)²* ''Music/ZappaInNewYork'' (1978)²* ''Music/StudioTan'' (1978)²* ''Music/SleepDirt'' (1978)²* ''Music/SheikYerbouti'' (1979)²* ''Music/OrchestralFavorites'' (1979)²* ''Music/JoesGarage'' (1979)²* ''Music/TinseltownRebellion'' (1981)²* ''Music/ShutUpNPlayYerGuitar'' (1981)²* ''Music/YouAreWhatYouIs'' (1981)²* ''Music/ShipArrivingTooLateToSaveADrowningWitch'' (1982)²* ''Music/TheManFromUtopia'' (1983)²* ''Music/LondonSymphonyOrchestra'' (1983/1987)²* ''Music/ThePerfectStranger'' (1984)²* ''Music/ThemOrUs'' (1984)²* ''Music/ThingFish'' (1984)²* ''Music/FrancescoZappa'' (1984)²* ''Music/FrankZappaMeetsTheMothersOfPrevention'' (1985)²* ''Music/DoesHumorBelongInMusic'' (1986)²* ''Music/JazzFromHell'' (1986)²* ''Music/{{Guitar}}'' (1988)²* ''Music/BroadwayTheHardWay'' (1988)²* ''Music/TheBestBandYouNeverHeardInYourLife'' (1991)²* ''Music/MakeAJazzNoiseHere'' (1991)²* ''Music/TheYellowShark'' (1993)²* ''Music/CivilizationPhazeIII'' (1994)²* ''Music/{{Lather}}'' (1996)²²!! Albums Zappa produced:²* ''Music/TroutMaskReplica'' by Captain Beefheart. ²²!! Films starring Frank Zappa:²* ''The World's Greatest Sinner'' (1962): A B-movie Zappa wrote the soundtrack for.²* ''Run Home Slow'' (1965): Zappa wrote the music for this B-western.²* ''Film/{{Head}}'' (1968): He has a small cameo in this bizarre comedy starring Franchise/TheMonkees.²* ''Film/MediumCool'' (1969): A film classic with music by Zappa and The Mothers of Invention in some scenes. The film director, Haskell Wexler, also worked with Zappa on the low-budget movie "Uncle Meat".²* ''Film/TwoHundredMotels'' (1971): A satirical movie about life of a rock band on the road, mostly starring the Mothers themselves, Keith Moon, Ringo Starr, Pamela des Barres but in which Zappa himself is hardly in it.²* ''Baby Snakes'' (1979): Almost three hour long concert movie of Zappa's Halloween shows in 1977.²* ''Music/DoesHumorBelongInMusic'' (1985): A direct-to-video concert movie release.²* ''Uncle Meat'' (1988): A video with home footage from 1971 and 1988, intercut with far more interesting footage of a Mothers concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London in 1968. ²²!! Literature²* ''Literature/TheRealFrankZappaBook'' (1989): His autobiography.²²!! People associated with Zappa:²* Music/CaptainBeefheart²* Creator/BruceBickford²* Music/TimBuckley: the folk singer recorded five albums for Zappa's labels Straight and Disc Reet.²* Pierre Boulez²* Music/AliceCooper: the rock singer recorded three albums for Zappa's Straight Records and considers Frank a mentor, as Zappa's career advice helped shape him into the figure he's become today.²* Music/TedNugent: the rock guitarist recorded two albums for Zappa's Straight Records, and the two were on friendly terms, owing to a shared dislike of drug use.²* Cal Schenkel²²!! References, parodies, shout-outs, homages,... to Zappa²* ReferencedBy/FrankZappa²[[/index]]²----


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