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1[[quoteright:325:]]²->''While this mad surgical genius chanted "Literature/TheRaven", horrible screams rose up from his torture chamber below!''²-->-- '''{{Tagline}}'''²²''The Raven'' is a Franchise/UniversalHorror movie from the year 1935. As the name suggests, the works of Creator/EdgarAllanPoe are referenced heavily.²²Young woman named Jean Thatcher crashes her car and is left in critical condition. Her concerned father convinces retired Dr. Richard Vollin (Creator/BelaLugosi), a noted Edgar Allan Poe hobbyist, to help her. He manages to save her life and becomes infatuated with her. Her father is displeased with this development and orders Vollin to leave her alone. Vollin, grudgingly, agrees.²²Soon after this, a man on the run from law named Edmond Bateman (Creator/BorisKarloff) approaches Dr. Vollin about fixing his face so that he can end his life in crime. Vollin pretends to take up on the offer to help him, but ruins his face instead and forces him to be a part of his mad scheme of revenge.²²!!The examples in this film:²²* BeardnessProtectionProgram: Bateman hides from the law in plain sight by having a beard. It doesn't fool Dr. Vollin when Bateman approaches him about getting his face altered.²* BeautyEqualsGoodness: Bateman believes that his ugliness is to blame for his life in crime.²* BookcasePassage: Dr. Vollin has one in his office to his secret laboratory.²* BrainsAndBrawn: Dr. Vollin is the schemester [[BigBad main villain]] and Bateman is his [[TheDragon unwilling muscle]].²* CreepyRavens: Dr. Vollin thinks of ravens as his talisman, and keeps a stuffed one on his desk.²* AGlassInTheHand: When Judge Thatcher tells that he doesn't want Dr. Vollin and Jean to start a relationship, Dr. Vollin in anger crushes the vial in his hand.²* HoistByHisOwnPetard: [[spoiler:When Bateman finally retaliates on Dr. Vollin, he lets Jean and Holden out of their death trap, and locks the doctor there instead]].²* HostileWeather: Stormy weather builds up outside during the night while the Dr. Vollin's guests stay at his mansion. Due to it, a tree branch crashes through Jean's window just as Bateman tries to enter her room from a {{trap door}}.²* LoveMakesYouEvil: Dr. Vollin's love for Jean drives him mad, and seek revenge on those whom he deems to be responsible about being driven to madness for his love for her.²* MorallyAmbiguousDoctorate: Dr. Vollin is a man of medicine turned into torture-inducing madman by his love for a woman.²* PendulumOfDeath: Dr. Vollin has Bateman drag Judge Thatcher out of his bed, and strap him into a slab that's beneath a pendulum blade that slowly swings down on his chest.²* RageAgainstTheReflection: When Edmond sees what Dr. Vollin has really done to his face on a row of laboratory mirrors, he starts shooting them one by one in anger.²* SarcasmMode: Holden's remark about the success of Jean's play.²-->'''Jean''': They really liked me!²-->'''Holden''': No, not much. They only called you back twelve times.²* ScreamingWoman: Jean screams in horror when she sees Bateman, who at the moment is acting as Dr. Vollin's manservant.²* TortureCellar: Dr. Vollin's basement hosts a collection of various torture devices inspired by the works of Poe. Yes, even a bladed pendulum.²* TwoFaced: To ensure Edmond's servitude, Dr. Vollin makes half of his face even uglier.²* TheWallsAreClosingIn: Dr. Vollin's grand plan for Jean and her beloved Holden is to lock them up in a room that works on this principle, and have them crushed to death.²* WorkingForABodyUpgrade: Since he he has been promised to be made to look physically better, Edmond works for Dr. Vollin.²²----


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