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1In Norwegian, ''Skjelvet''. A Norwegian disaster movie, and sequel to ''Film/TheWave2015''.
3Three years after the rockslide in Geiranger, geologist Kristian Eikjord is divorced from his wife and separated from his kids, living in seclusion from the outside world due to his developing paranoia of disasters happening everywhere he goes.
5After a former co-worker dies in what the Norwegian Press calls a freak accident, Kristian goes to Oslo to investigate, and finds out that he was studying the possibility of an earthquake in Oslo. Researching it further, Kristian makes several shocking discoveries that suggest a massive quake may soon hit Oslo. His fears realized all too late, he is caught in a race against time to save the ones he loves before Oslo crumbles to the ground.
9!!''The Quake'' features examples of:
11* ActionSurvivor: Everyone, but especially Marit. The Eikjords already survived a tsunami (barely, in Kristianís case), but this is Maritís first major natural disaster. She spends much of the filmís second half protecting Julia, and saves both the girl and Kristian from plunging out the window of a tilted skyscraper.
12* AdultFear: Being unable to find your children before a disaster you know is coming. [[spoiler:And watching your wife die, unable to save her.]]
13* ArtisticLicensePhysics / RuleOfDrama: The high-rise hotel that Idun, Kristian and Julia are trapped in after the quake takes *massive* damage from a nearby skyscraper collapsing into it, but somehow, the remains manage to keep from collapsing and taking out the main cast. However, it's partial collapse puts all of them in grave danger [[spoiler:which Idun does not survive.]]
14* AwLookTheyReallyDoLoveEachOther: Kristian says he doesnít blame Idun for leaving, but she points out that ''he'' left ''them'', and they miss him. The pair are on the way to reconciliation by the second half of the film. [[spoiler:Unfortunately, she doesnít survive until the end.]]
15* BeardOfSorrow: Kristian sports one at the start of the film. He later shaves it off, and just keeps a tidy mustache.
16* BeautyIsNeverTarnished: Marit winds up a little grimy and bloody, but not enough to detract from her appearance. Idun ''would'' fit if not for [[spoiler:the nightmare that becomes her leg.]]
17* BigBlackout: One hits Oslo in the wake of a smaller quake, the day before the big one.
18* BittersweetEnding: [[spoiler:Three members of the family survive. Idun is not one of them.]]
19* BloodFromTheMouth: One of the women Idun works with, who is partially crushed under a stone wall.
20* CassandraTruth: Nobody wants to believe Kristian when he says a disaster is coming. To be fair, he does come across as completely paranoid.
21* DamselInDistress: Julia. Understandable, though, since sheís about nine.
22* DisasterMovie: And the sequel to one, no less.
23* DrivesLikeCrazy: Marit, though not because she wants to.
24* ElevatorFailure: Once the quake sets in, it becomes a death trap.
25* {{Foreshadowing}}: The rats in Idunís basement, running away from seemingly nothing. They sensed the gas released from the earth that was a prelude to the earthquake.
26* HappyEndingOverride: The events of the first film left Kristian supremely messed-up; trauma and SurvivorGuilt have left him estranged from his family and wracked with paranoia.
27* MajorInjuryUnderreaction: [[spoiler:Idun]] has part of her calf sheared off down to the bone in the elevator shaft. It barely seems to register at first, but sheís obviously in shock.
28* MenCantKeepHouse: Kristianís house is kind of a disaster, and he has almost no food when Julia comes to visit.
29* OneWordTitle: In Norwegian.
30* OutOfFocus: Sondre doesnít have a whole lot of screen time this time around.
31* PrimalFear: If youíre afraid of earthquakes or heights, this might not be the film for you.
32* ProperlyParanoid: Kristian is paranoid about future earthquakes, but it turns out to be justified.
33* RoomFullOfCrazy: Kristianís bedroom looks rather like this, thanks to all the things heís collected out of his SurvivorGuilt.
34* SceneryGorn: The film doesnít skimp on the destruction of Oslo.
35* SceneryPorn: There are some beautiful shots of Norwegian fjords.
36* SupremeChef: In spite of her age, Julia manages two omelettes that wouldnít look out-of-place in a restaurant. She also cleaned Kristianís kitchen.
37* SurvivorGuilt: Kristian has quite a lot of this. When Julia visits him, she finds he has a room full of news clippings and photos of those who died in the tsunami of the last film. She says that she doesnít understand why heís doing that, and he replies that he doesnít, either.
38* TakeMyHand: Kristian, to [[spoiler:Idun]], in the elevator shaft. Unfortunately, he loses [[spoiler:his grip, and she plunges to her death.]] Marit tries to catch an injured woman before she can fall out of a swiftly-tilting building, but also fails.
39* TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodSandwich: Those tasty-looking omelettes Julia makes are still on the table that night, uneaten.