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1[[quoteright:300:]]²²''The Last Days of Disco'' is a 1998 comedy-drama film written and directed by Creator/WhitStillman, starring Creator/ChloeSevigny and Creator/KateBeckinsale.²²The film follows Alice Kinnon (Sevigny) and Charlotte Pingress (Beckinsale), two young women in the early 1980s who are Hampshire College graduates and work in a New York publishing house as poorly paid readers, who after work are able to enter an exclusive disco nightclub.²²----²!!The Last Tropes of Disco:²²* AllIssuesArePoliticalIssues: At one point, Charlotte talks about how much fun she had seeing ''WesternAnimation/LadyAndTheTramp'' with her little niece and nephew. Josh replies by deconstructing the movie as promoting an unrealistic and self-destructive view towards relationships with the opposite sex, "imprinting on their little psyches the idea that smooth-talking delinquents recently escaped from the local pound are a good match for nice girls from sheltered homes."²* BigApplesauce: The movie takes place in New York City.²* TheCameo: Characters from director Stillman's previous films ''Metropolitan'' and ''Film/{{Barcelona}}'' make appearances.²* CoolestClubEver: The disco nightclub, based on Studio 54, is "impossible to get into."²* CreativeClosingCredits[=/=]DancePartyEnding: The ending credit sequence shows people on the subway and even people on platforms dancing to "Love Train".²* DuelingMovies: This movie was released just ''four months'' before ''Film/FiftyFour''.²* EndOfAnEra: This film, like ''Film/BoogieNights'', shows characters who had a good time at the end of TheSeventies reacting to changes brought on by TheEighties.²* TheLastTitle: The title.²* MonsterRoommate: Charlotte and Alice drive each other mad.²* ProductionThrowback: Characters from director Stillman's previous films ''Metropolitan'' and ''Film/{{Barcelona}}'' make appearances.²* VisibleBoomMic: When Charlotte and Alice are walking down a corridor.²* YearX: Set in "the very early 1980s."²----


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