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1[[quoteright:302:]]²²²''The Kiss'' (1929) is a late-silent era film directed by Jacques Feyder, starring Creator/GretaGarbo. Garbo is Irene Guarry, the unhappy young wife of rich and quite a bit older Charles Garry. She is carrying on an affair with lawyer Andre Dubail (Conrad Nagel), and offers to run away with him, but Andre declines, not wishing Irene to suffer the social stigma of a public affair. They break up, but in the meantime Irene is being pestered by Pierre Lasalle (Creator/LewAyres, who the next year would star in ''Literature/AllQuietOnTheWesternFront''), the college-boy son of one of Charles's friends. Bored, unhappy Irene indulges young Pierre's ardor a little bit, and in one weak moment lets him kiss her--with disastrous consequences.²²''The Kiss'' was the last silent film for Greta Garbo, the last silent film for Creator/MetroGoldwynMayer, and in fact probably the last silent film released by any of the major Hollywood studios, although there would be scattered examples in the years to come released by independents like Creator/CharlieChaplin and [[Creator/FriedrichWilhelmMurnau F.W. Murnau]]. MGM was late to the talkie revolution, and they were especially hesitant with Garbo, due to her heavy Swedish accent. Those fears proved unfounded when her talking debut ''Theatre/AnnaChristie'' became a big hit, and Garbo remained popular for years.²²The film as it currently exists runs for only 62 minutes; apparently [[DeletedScene some 27 minutes were cut]] after its original run, which is why the third act is so abrupt.²²----²!!Tropes:²²* BlatantLies: ²** Irene insisting in court that she was a "faithful wife."²** Pierre's father lies on the stand, saying that he refused to help Charles with his financial difficulties. This is because he doesn't want his son's involvement in the affair to be revealed.²* ChekhovsGun:²** A literal example in the case of the gun that is shown in Charles's desk.²** Also Charles's stomach pains, established in an early scene. That's why he comes home early and catches Irene with Pierre.²* {{Flashback}}: The shooting is not shown onscreen--not until the end, anyway, when Irene tells Andre the truth via flashback.²* InstantMysteryJustDeleteScene: Charles seems to be about to beat Pierre to death, Irene is trying to pull Charles off of Pierre, the door swings shut, and a shot rings out. We don't find out how Charles got shot until the end.²* KubrickStare: A scary one from Charles after seeing Irene and Pierre kiss.²* LikesOlderWomen: Fresh-faced college boy Pierre becomes obsessed with sexy older woman Irene. (Although in RealLife Garbo was only three years older than Ayres.)²* LoveDodecahedron: Irene, Irene's husband, Irene's boyfriend, and Irene's younger boy toy.²* NeckLift: Charles is '''not at all happy''' to catch Irene and Pierre kissing.²* OhCrap: A pretty fun one from Pierre when he sees Charles advancing with murder in his eyes.²* TheReveal: Irene shot Charles, because Charles was about to murder Pierre.²* StalkerWithACrush: Pierre sneaks into the Guarry mansion to see Irene. Even at the end, after he narrowly averted being implicated in a murder, he thinks that Irene will go away with him. (Of course, the passion with which Irene kissed him indicates that his feelings weren't completely unrequited.)²* TrophyWife: Irene clearly serves an ornamental function for Charles.


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