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1[[quoteright:316:]][[caption-width-right:316:[[{{Trilogy}} Every story has]] [[Film/{{Kidulthood}} a beginning.]] A middle. And an end.]]'''This page contains spoilers! Read at your own risk.'''!''The Hood Trilogy'' features examples of the following:----* AuthorAvatar: [[DecoyProtagonist Trife]] in Film/{{Kidulthood}} and [[ByronicHero Sam]] in the sequels.* BatterUp: In every film Sam Peele picks up [[WeaponOfChoice a bat]], and he uses it to kill Trife in [=KiDULTHOOD=]. Subverted though considering he mostly uses it to intimidate.* ByronicHero: Sam Peel is a flawed individual with serious [[HairTriggerTemper anger issues]], [[ReformedCriminal a background hes trying to avoid]] and a lot to [[TheAtoner atone]] for. All of this is balanced by his [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold large capacity for goodness]] and [[ThouShallNotKill his firm refusal to kill]].* HoodFilm: TropeCodifier for the UK exploring themes, one of the first films in Britain to explore themes such as: urban culture, the effects of drug addiction, teenage criminality and gangs.* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Most of the protagonists, most of the time they are [[{{Delinquents}} committing crimes]] or [[{{Jerkass}} not being very nice.]] Deep down however they are actually genuinely good people who are simply flawed and products of [[WorldOfJerkass their environment]].* LowerClassLout: A few characters, of particular note: [[TheAggressiveDrugDealer Jay]], [[{{Gangbanger}} Omen]] and [[TheChick Poppy]].* SequelEscalation: Each entry gets bigger and bolder in violence, [[LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters characters]], story length, and general appeal.* TookaLevelInBadass: Jay takes a major one between ''Kidulthood'' and ''Adulthood''. In the first film, Sam easily overpowers him while fighting Trife and Moony at the same time. In the second film, Jay fights Sam to a standstill. * TheYardies: [[BigBad Arch-villain]] Curtis.----


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