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1[[quoteright:300:]]˛[[caption-width-right:300:Smile for the camera, Mr. Gibson!]]˛˛->"{{God}} created man in His own image. And behold it was very good. And the evening and the morning were [[TitleDrop the sixth day]]."˛-->-- '''[[Literature/TheBible Genesis 1:27, 31]].'''˛˛->''"There's someone in my house, eating my birthday cake, with my family, and it's not me."''˛-->-- '''Adam Gibson'''.˛˛Directed by Roger Spottiswoode and starring Creator/ArnoldSchwarzenegger, Creator/TonyGoldwyn, and Creator/MichaelRooker, this 2000 SciFi movie takes place in a not-too-distant future where limited cloning technology has come into use for a number of things, from curing diseases to re-animating your pet to cloning fish as a food supply. However, cloning people is illegal. Arnie plays helicopter charter pilot Adam Gibson, a man who unintentionally gets involved with a human cloning cabal, who will kill him to protect their secrets.˛˛The title comes from the top quote from the Book of Genesis, which ends up being plot-relevant. The official title is "The 6th Day," not "The Sixth Day," changed to prevent it from being confused with [[Film/TheSixthSense another film]] that came out the year before.˛˛----˛!!''The 6th Day'' contains the following tropes:˛˛[[foldercontrol]]˛˛[[folder:A-M]]˛* ActorAllusion: When Adam leaves the Re-Pet shop he says [[Film/TheTerminator "I might be back."]]˛* AnArmAndALeg: Marshall has his leg blown off by Adam, prompting his furious rant about his new boots being ruined.˛* AntiVillain: Drucker. While he's an overall {{Jerkass}} and is quite ruthless in protecting the secret that he's a clone -- understandable since cloning is illegal and he'd be considered legally dead, if not executed -- his human cloning technology could change the face of human suffering and save many lives, and the technology is already used in-story for organ transplants and to solve depleted fish stocks. He's even lobbying aggressively to get the law against cloning changed, working within the system so that he can do things legally. ˛* ArmorPiercingQuestion: While Drucker's speech about the 'merits' of human cloning appeared mostly convincing, it falls apart when Adam bluntly asks him ''who'' gets to actually choose who can be cloned. ˛* ArsonMurderAndJaywalking: [[spoiler:Just before he finds out he is the clone,]] Gibson hates his clone for sleeping with his wife, eating his birthday cake, and smoking his cigars.˛* ArtisticLicenseGunSafety: Wiley shows us exactly why you check your target before you fire, when his itchy trigger finger results in him missing and blowing a hole in Drucker's stomach.˛* AsTheGoodBookSays: The legislation that outlawed cloning is known collectively as "Sixth Day Laws," in reference to the above verse.˛* AutomatedAutomobiles: Adam's friend, Hank, can briefly be seen driving one before switching to manual control. Adam also has remote-control for his hybrid chopper-jets, which is important later on.˛* BavarianFireDrill:˛** Adam makes his way deep into Drucker's HQ by acting like he belongs there, making use of a BorrowedBiometricBypass, and by tricking a guard into letting him pass with his gun by pretending his package actually contains a flesh-eating virus.˛** Later on, he pulls it again, in the same building no less, by landing on the helipad and using his prior travel contract with Drucker to bluff his way inside under the pretense of picking up his client.˛** Marshall also manages to pass himself as an authorised person when attempting to retrieve Adam from a police station, though given that they're able to access the police database, it's likely he has fake credentials to back him up.˛* BigBad: [[AffablyEvil Michael]] [[CorruptCorporateExecutive Drucker]].˛* BlatantLies: Marshall makes some rather laughable attempts to [[OfCorpseHesAlive pass off actually dead people as merely unconscious]], in particular trying to convince people that the obviously {{Neck Snap}}ped Wiley will be fine.˛* BodyBackupDrive: Drucker's cloning technology allows a complete backup of a person's mind to be taken, which can then be uploaded into a new clone if needed.˛* BodyHorror: Drucker ends up in an unfinished clone, since his previous iteration was dying and didn't have the time to copy into a clone that was properly formed. [[spoiler: To further cement the horror and Drucker's {{JerkAss}}edness, his fresh, malformed clone then proceeds to strip his still-living predecessor of his clothes, not even waiting until the mortally-wounded man dies.]]˛* BorrowedBiometricBypass: Adam uses one of Talia's clones' thumbs to get into Drucker's headquarters after [[{{Fingore}} blowing it off]] with his gun.˛* BoomHeadshot: To prevent below BrainUploading, the characters will have their brains destroyed to prevent cloning.˛* BrainUploading: Upon death or near death, the most recent contents of your memory can be uploaded to a new clone; the upside being that you'll continue to live in one way. The catch, however, is that it ''won't'' be '''you'''. Your clone will look, think and act like you in every way, but your consciousness -- your unique, individual perception of an environment -- won't be transferred. In other words, ''you'll still die'' hoping that copy of you will carry out what was once ''your'' life.˛* BrickJoke: Adam tells Drucker to clone himself while his previous iteration is still alive, so he can "fuck [himself]." When circumstances conspire to make this happen, Adam knocks them both out in such a way that one collapses on the other, leading him to quip that he didn't mean it literally.˛* BrokenMasquerade: Clone Adam's existence alone is enough to break the masquerade, which is why he's such a threat to Drucker.˛* TheBrute: Vincent is the physically the strongest of Drucker's 4 henchmen, with effort he can carry and unconsious Wiley.˛* CameBackWrong:˛** While most clones are just fine, Wiley keeps having phantom pains from previous deaths.˛** Drucker at the end, whose new clone wasn't quite done cooking.˛* ChekhovsGun: The remote-pilot feature of the choppers comes in handy when Adam needs a distraction.˛* ChekhovsGunman: Tripp is introduced as a customer of Adam and Hank's about to head out on a snowboarding trip. His murder of Drucker and Hank inadvertently sets the plot of the film in motion.˛* CloneByConversion: {{Zig Zagged|Trope}}. "Blank" clones are grown which have all identifying characteristics stripped from their genome. When a specific person needs to be cloned, their DNA is overlayed on the blank.˛* ClonesArePeopleToo: Ultimately proven correct in the case of many individuals, including [[spoiler: Adam himself]]. He ultimately goes into business with the original.˛* CloningBlues: [[spoiler: Adam suffers from this briefly when he finds out he's actually the clone]].˛* CloningBodyParts: The benefits of organ cloning are used as a plea to try to drive down the "[[TitleDrop Sixth Day]] Laws" that forbid the cloning of complete human beings. In reality, the owner of the cloning corporation [[spoiler:only wants to achieve immortality via uploading his memories into the brains of {{Expendable Clone}}s]].˛* CloningGambit: Unusual in that it's a ''voluntary'' activity, at least for the villains.˛* CompleteTheQuoteTitle: The title is part of a Biblical quote, as noted above.˛* CoolPlane: Adam and Hank's charter company owns a pair of helicopters that can transform into jet planes in mid-flight.˛* CreepyDoll: Adam buys an animatronic doll that wallows about in the deepest part of the UncannyValley[[invoked]]. The bad guys [[ItMakesSenseInContext take the doll with them]] and find it extremely unnerving. Which leads to them eventually destroying it.˛* DeadPetSketch: Re-Pet is essentially this UpToEleven. Pet died? Clone it. Good as new and your kid never suspects a thing. The film opens with Adam being forced by his wife to get the dog cloned, despite his reluctance. [[spoiler: In a strange twist, the ''clone'' ultimately decides against the procedure and gets a Sim Pal instead, while the ''original'' decides to go with the cloned pet.]]˛* DecoyProtagonist: A unique take on this as viewers are led to think [[spoiler: they're following the original Adam trying to get his life back when TheReveal (or, really, TheUntwist) shows they've actually been following Clone Adam the whole time.]][[invoked]]˛* {{Determinator}}: Drucker. By the end of the movie one of him has been shot in the chest and the other is in a half-formed body. And neither of him is going to let that stop them.˛* TheDragon: Marshall to Drucker.˛* DisneyVillainDeath: [[spoiler: Drucker's final death]].˛* ElectronicTelepathy: A variant. Once a backup of someone's mind has been taken, their visual and auditory memory can be played back on computer systems, in essence allowing a person's mind (but not their thoughts) to be read.˛* EnergyWeapon: Firearms shoot some sort of energy instead of bullets in the setting.˛* EternalProhibition: Several of Adam's customers are spooked when they hear Drucker insists on Adam and Hank taking a drug test, until Adam reassures them that only the pilots are being tested. Adam's wife, Natalie, also hilariously suggests her and Clara's abduction is for ''smoking cigars''.˛--> '''Natalie:''': Is this because of the cigars?!˛* EvilIsPetty: After Vincent and Talia break into the Gibson home in an attempt to kidnap Adam's family and not finding them, Vincent frustratedly trashes part of their kitchen and steals one of their beers. And leaves their fridge door open.˛* EvilLuddite: Tripp kills Drucker's entire entourage in the beginning, thus setting off the plot. Just in case we might try to sympathize, he goes and kills Hank again later, just for being a clone. Mind you, ''he'' is responsible for Hank being a clone, a fact ''Hank himself'' is ignorant of.˛* ExpendableClone: Both subverted since clones are considered the same person as before, and played straight when several mooks are somewhat more reckless than they might otherwise be, since if they die they can be brought back using another clone. Drucker does point out that each clone costs $1.2 million after the team suffers many deaths over a couple days.˛** Also played for laughs: after Marshall has just had his ''leg shot off'' [[SugarWiki/FunnyMoments starts screaming angrily about his new boots being ruined!]][[invoked]] Talia also complains that she had to pierce her ears again and that her hair treatments are very expensive.˛** After Wiley shoots Drucker's latest clone, Drucker tells the other mooks not to bring Wiley back any more.˛* {{Fingore}}: Adam shoots Talia's hand, severing some fingers. He uses the thumb on [[BorrowedBiometricBypass biometric scanners]] soon thereafter.˛* {{Foreshadowing}}: Tripp's importance to the plot before the reveal is foreshadowed by the several lingering camera shots.˛* ForInconveniencePressOne: Used for ''911 calls'' of all things.˛* FreezeFrameBonus: Sarah Wynter's bare breast is visible for one or two frames as she sits up as the newest clone of Talia Elsworth.˛* TheFundamentalist: Tripp, a religious anti-cloning fundamentalist, who murders clones for being "abominations", and is more than happy to murder any innocent person who gets in his way to stop Drucker.˛* FutureCopter: Arnold's transforming jet copters, which can lock the rotors into place to become wings for high-speed cruising. [[SchizoTech Oddly enough]], the far wealthier villain travels in a far more mundane RealLife helicopter.˛* GreaterScopeVillain: [[spoiler: The original Drucker is this to the film]].˛* GoneHorriblyWrong: A vaguely alluded to early cloning experiment, producing something that was thereafter {{mercy kill}}ed, is among the reasons for the Sixth Day Laws.˛* HappilyMarried: Adam and his wife Natalie. With their adorable daughter Clara and their dog Oliver, they make one big happy family.˛* HeelFaceTurn: Kind of. Dr. Weir seems generally good, but he has knowingly gone along with the underground cloning operation (though he's horrified by the suggestion that Drucker's mooks are trying to kill/threaten Adam and his family). He then decides to help Adam after discovering that Drucker gave the clones, [[spoiler:including Weir's wife]], congenital defects to shorten their lifespans and thus make sure they'd have an incentive not to sell him out.˛* TheHerosBirthday: Ignoring the Johnny Phoenix prologue, the story begins on Adam Gibson's birthday. Which is interestingly also when Adam Gibson's clone was "born".˛* HostageForMacGuffin: Drucker has [[IHaveYourWife Adam's wife and daughter taken hostage]] in order to ensure the return of the backup of his mind, which Adam stole from his lab for evidence and as an insurance policy.˛* IHaveYourWife: Drucker does this to ensure the return of his stolen mind upload, and to prevent Adam from going to the police with it as evidence of human cloning.˛* {{Immortality}}: One of Drucker's intentions with cloning technology is to conquer death.˛* ImmortalLifeIsCheap: Significantly overlaps with ExpendableClone, since the clone is considered the same person and an extension of their life.˛* InfoDump: A few examples, including Strucker giving a LectureAsExposition, and in particular a sales pitch at a [=RePet=] store explaining pretty much the entire cloning process and even clarifying how the clones can be produced so quickly. ˛* InsecurityCamera: Subverted; there's a reason Adam comes in shooting all the cameras!˛* ISayWhatISay: Adam Gibson teams up with his clone. They're mixing up some thermite and one of them decides to test-burn some of it. They watch as it burns through the table.˛-->'''Adam Gisbon(s)''': Cool.˛* KaleidoscopeHair: Talia has it redyed a different color each life. Its also apparently done by an expensive beautician.˛* KilledToUpholdTheMasquerade: The reason why Drucker tries to have Adam killed.˛* KissMeIAmVirtual: Adam's friend, Hank, has an... interesting virtual companion.˛* LegallyDead: One of the reasons why Drucker is so keen to keep the fact that he's a clone secret. As the law is written, he's already legally dead and thus his assets would be seized. The other is because he would also likely be destroyed.˛* MeaningfulName:˛** ''Adam'' Gibson. His first name references the first man created in Abrahamic faiths, and his surname is likely a shout out to cyberpunk's "grandfather" Creator/WilliamGibson.˛** Also, Drucker is German for printer. Considering how Drucker's technology allows him to reproduce (print) human templates indefinitely, this is fitting.˛** The first human we see who is killed and brought back to life is Johnny ''Phoenix''. ˛* MemoryGambit: An interesting variation. Adam [[spoiler:fakes his own memories,]] knowing that the bad guys will read them to find out where he stashed the evidence.˛* MistakenIdentity: Played for drama. Hank pretends to be Adam for Drucker's charter contract (which specifically requested Adam), in order to free Adam up to run some errands. However, after Hank and Drucker are murdered, they initially believe Adam was killed instead as a result, with the superfluous Adam clone being what kicks off the plot of the movie.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:N-Z]]˛* NoOSHACompliance: Dr. Weir's cloning lab sure likes catwalks across pools of water with no guard railings. Of course, the secret illegal lab would never face government inspection without being shut down entirely. ˛* OpenSaysMe: Drucker's mooks kick down several of the doors when breaking into the Gibson family home. ''Without any reason to think they're locked''. (Element of surprise?)˛* PapaWolf: When his family is held to ensure compliance, Adam comes to the rescue, hard.˛* PetTheDog: Drucker is polite and courteous to his pilot, and even gets him some complimentary tickets to a sports game after learning Hank (pretending to be Adam) is a fan. Unfortunately things go downhill from there.˛* PoliceAreUseless: The police are pretty useless when [[spoiler: the real]] Adam tries to get help from them after his family are taken.˛* PrecisionFStrike: Used to set up the following line (which later doubles as a BrickJoke, or would if the PG-13 rating didn't mean they couldn't say "fuck" twice):˛-->'''Adam''': You should try cloning yourself while you're still alive.\˛'''Drucker''': Why? So I can experience your unique perspective?\˛'''Adam''': No. So you can go [[ScrewYourself fuck yourself]]!˛* ProperlyParanoid:˛** Drucker is mentioned to take backups of his mind "religiously". Given the number of people trying to kill him (two of which succeeded), he's pretty justified in doing so.˛** When Adam negotiates a deal with Drucker, trading Drucker's memory disc for Adam's family, Adam knows they won't honor it and prepares accordingly.˛* RespawnPoint: A rare non-video game example, used by the repeatedly-cloned henchmen whenever they die.˛* ResurrectionSickness: Wiley's phantom pains from his previous deaths.˛* RewindGag: At the end of the film, there is a rewind of events back to the point where Adam Gibson had his "eye test" just before the credits roll.˛* RidiculousFutureInflation: In its near-future setting, Adam Gibson's clone pays $447.16 for a cab ride which shouldn't have been a long trip for him. You can see the base cab fare is set at $200.˛* ScaryBlackMan: Vincent˛* ScienceIsBad: Subverted, although the tone of the movie can come across as this at points.˛* ScrewYourself: Given that this is an Arnie film about clones, you shouldn't be too surprised that this is suggested.˛* SpannerInTheWorks: Drucker's entire plot is unraveled because Hank talked Adam into trading places during the ski trip.˛* StormingTheCastle: What the two Adams do in the end.˛* SuperWindowJump: Adam does it to escape from Drucker and his mooks. It's played slightly more realistically in that Adam is clearly hurt a lot by the process.˛* SurvivorGuilt: Adam, after finding out that Hank ended up being murdered due to the two switching places for Drucker's charter flight.˛-->'''Adam''': It should have been me...˛* TelevisionGeography: A lot of locations around Metro UsefulNotes/{{Vancouver}} stand in for locations in the film; the Vancouver Public Library is the Replacement Technologies headquarters and the helicopter lands near Pacific Centre (with Science World clearly visible in the background).˛* TomatoInTheMirror: [[spoiler: Adam suffers from this when he finds out he's actually the clone]].˛* TooDumbToLive: ''Everyone'' thinks Wiley is literally too dumb to live. It's why Drucker tells Marshall ''not'' to bring him back after the man shot him by accident.˛* TwentyMinutesIntoTheFuture:˛** The movie takes place "Sooner Than You Think." On the "The Future is Coming" DVD featurette, Schwarzenegger states that the film takes place in 2015.˛** The scene in the parking structure features [[ a junked-out Volkswagen New Beetle]] (which had just been introduced in 1997, three years before the film's release).˛* UncertainDoom: It's unclear exactly what head {{Mook}} Marshall's final fate is. He can be seen to still be breathing when Adam retrieves his gun, but whether he survived the explosion is uncertain. He's also the only villain not seen to be killed on-screen, [[AnArmAndALeg though he does have his leg blown off]].˛* UtopiaJustifiesTheMeans: How Drucker tries to justify his cloning, saying with his technology, the world won't have to lose it's "[[UsefulNotes/AlbertEinstein Einsteins]]" and "[[Music/WolfgangAmadeusMozart Mozarts]]".˛* VideoPhone: Interestingly showcased a video phone call with an automated machine... for 911 emergencies.˛* VillainHasAPoint: Drucker points out that human cloning could save many lives, and ensure that humanity doesn't have to lose its Einsteins and Motzarts. The laws on cloning in-story are also heavily implied to be out-of-date, and influenced by religion.˛* VillainsNeverLie: Double subverted: When Drucker tells Adam Gibson that [[spoiler:he's really the clone]], Adam just laughs him off, saying he's lying. Then Drucker provides proof.˛* WakingNonSequitur: Whenever a clone is being brought back from a violent death the memories of said death come rushing in when they wake up that they shout their last words upon waking.˛--> '''Talia:''' GODDAMIT SONOFABITCH!!!!!˛* WellIntentionedExtremist: Drucker thinks himself this way. He even made a speech about how if cloning was possible and legal in the past that many of history's greatest influences could be brought back. What really cements it is that he was willing to kill Dr. Wier, the real well-intentioned extremist, so he could bring him and his wife back, because he thought it would make them happy.˛* WhyWontYouDie: Adam asks this upon running into the re-cloned Talia and Wiley.˛-->'''Adam''': Doesn't anyone stay dead any more?˛* YouAreAlreadyCheckedIn: Talia tries to check in, only to discover that Adam has already used [[BorrowedBiometricBypass her stolen thumb]] to do so.˛* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Talia ([[KaleidoscopeHair a different color for each life, even]]). She even gripes about having to redye it every time she gets a new body due to how expensive it is despite her being on Drucker's massive payroll. ˛* YouHaveFailedMe: It's bad enough that Wiley keeps screwing up and getting ''himself'' killed, but the last straw comes when he accidentally shoots his boss. Drucker returns the favor and decides not to bring him back again.˛* {{Zeerust}}: The film opens on an XFL game. The XFL was a blink-and-you'll-miss-it UsefulNotes/AmericanFootball league, backed by Wrestling/VinceMcMahon, which was meant to compete with the NFL. It ended so quickly that most people don't even remember it existed, yet it's featured in this movie's futuristic setting.˛[[/folder]]˛----˛->''"I know who I am."''˛----


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