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1[[quoteright:300:]][[caption-width-right:300:Even the poster is a remake.]]''Straw Dogs'' is a 2011 remake of the controversial Creator/SamPeckinpah film [[Film/StrawDogs1971 of the same name]], starring Creator/JamesMarsden, Kate Bosworth, and Creator/AlexanderSkarsgard. The film moves the action from rural England to the DeepSouth.----!!Straw Tropes:* AsTheGoodBookSays: In the remake, the rednecks are typical DeepSouth Christians, despite demonstrating none of the religion's principles.-->''[Charlie has just been brow-beating David, who has walked out of a fire-and-brimstone sermon]''\'''David:''' There is one part of Literature/TheBible I like.\'''Charlie:''' And what's that.\'''David:''' "Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's wife."* DoesNotLikeShoes: Amy is often barefoot.* {{Homage}}: As noted, the poster for the film (shown above) references the [[ iconic poster of the original]].* TheSiege: The film's climax is a siege of the family farm. The book upon which the original film is based is called ''The Siege of Trencher's Farm''. In the film, David (a screenwriter) is writing a movie based on the [[ Battle of Stalingrad]], a siege that lasted over five months, and changed the war in favor of the Soviets.* SirNotAppearingInThisTrailer: Creator/JamesWoods.* WordSaladTitle: Unlike the original film, the remake actually explains that "straw dogs" refers to the Chinese tradition of creating animal figures out of straw as religious offerings. Straw dogs were given special treatment during religious ceremonies, then discarded with the rest of the trash, mirroring the indifference of the universe.----


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