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1[[quoteright:300:]][[caption-width-right:300:Never ride with a stranger.]]''Shuttle'' is a 2008 {{Thriller}} film. Two girls, Mel (Creator/PeytonList) and Jules (Creator/CameronGoodman), are returning from a trip to Mexico. After meeting up with two travelers, Seth (Creator/JamesSnyder) and Matt (Creator/DavePower), they board a shuttle from the airport with a driver who doesn't seem to know where he's going. It goes FromBadToWorse from there. Soon, they, as well as Andy, a nervous accountant, are fighting for their life.----!This film exhibits the following tropes:* TheBadGuyWins: At the end of the film, [[spoiler:Everyone but Mel and The Driver]] are dead and [[spoiler:Mel]] is being shipped off into White Slavery.* ChekhovsGun: When The Driver has Mel buy a very specific set of items at a store, it seems like an instance of him testing her compliance by giving her a difficult task and a possibility of escape to see how she would react. [[spoiler:She later finds said items in the crate he's shipping her in, supplies to keep her alive in transit]].* ChekhovsSkill: Mel used her UsefulNotes/SignedLanguage skills to attempt to inform the police of the situation via a convenience store camera. [[spoiler:Subverted in that even if she gave the license plate number of the parking shuttle, the camera in the store was not even functioning]].* TheDeterminator: [[spoiler:The Driver]] shakes off car crashes, stab wounds, blunt trauma to the head, a bullet to the head... you have to admire [[spoiler:his]] moxie.* DownerEnding: [[spoiler:Everyone except for Mel and the Driver are dead by the end, with her having been successfully shipped overseas to be MadeASlave.]]* EveryoneLovesBlondes: PlayedForDrama. [[spoiler:The slaving ring is shown to have dyed their victims' hair blonde, presumably to make them more attractive to buyers.]]* FinalGirl: [[spoiler:Mel. Subverted in that she fails to escape.]]* {{Fingore}}: Matt experiences this when the bus falls on him while changing the tire.* HopeSpot: [[spoiler:After shouting for help, Mel seems to be finding someone who is willing to help her escape from the crate she has been forced into in the finale... but it's just a forklift operator who is in on the slaving operation, who moves the crate on to the assigned ship.]]* MadeASlave: [[spoiler:The point of the ring that encompasses the villains of the movie. Specifically, it is heavily implied to be a SexSlave ring for white women sold overseas.]]* TheMole: [[spoiler:Andy]]* NoNameGiven: The Driver.* NoOSHACompliance: The security cameras in the inner-city grocery store aren't even turned on.* PetTheDog: [[spoiler:The Driver may have been ruthless, but he made sure to pack Mel's motion sickness pills in her crate for her trip overseas.]]* SexSlave: [[spoiler:Mel's presumable fate, like the Driver's other victims. Specifically, she finds a photograph of a basement full of despondent women with dyed blonde hair in nothing but the same white heels that she and Jules are wearing, while in the crate headed to East Asia.]]* ShamefulStrip: Done to [[spoiler:Mel and Jules]] to break their spirit.* [[spoiler: ShootTheShaggyDog: Every single attempt by Mel to escape her situation is foiled and she winds up shipped off to Asia as a sex slave, exactly as she would have if she had offered no resistance at all. Worse yet, Jules has been murdered, not for fighting back, but because she has a yeast infection - so in the end, her resistance is pointless as well.]]* StopOrIShootMyself: After [[spoiler:Mel realizes that their captors have avoided injuring her and Jules]], she engineers a situation where she tries to force The Driver to let them go [[spoiler:by threatening to cut her face if he doesn't]].* TattooedCrook: The reveal of [[spoiler:Andy]]'s affiliation is followed by a shirt ripped open to show off a tattoo.* WrongGenreSavvy: Andy keeps insisting that it's just a robbery, that if they all cooperate and give up their money, they'll turn out alright... And then, later, Mel believes that [[spoiler:The Driver needs to keep them both alive and unharmed]].----


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