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1[[quoteright:220:]]²²''Road to Zanzibar'' is a 1941 film directed by Victor Schertzinger, starring Music/BingCrosby, Creator/BobHope, and Dorothy Lamour. It is the second film in the ''Film/RoadTo'' series.²²Crosby and Hope play a pair of con-men, Chuck Reardon and "Fearless" Frazier, who get into a series of misadventures in DarkestAfrica while trying to raise the money to buy passage back to civilization.²----²!!This film contains examples of:²²* AfricanChant: One scene has a bit of chanting titled "African Etude".²* CapturedByCannibals: Chuck and Fearless are captured by an African tribe, who think they are [[MightyWhitey white gods]]... until, that is, they decide to test the duo's divinity by having Fearless get into a wrestling match with a KillerGorilla. After he loses, Chuck and Fearless find themselves on the lunch menu.²* DarkestAfrica: ''Road to Zanzibar'' uses all the standard Pulp Africa tropes and [[SubvertedTrope subverts the heck out of them]].²* HumanCannonball: One of the scams the duo run is a human-cannonball act; it turns out Fearless hides in a secret compartment in the base of the cannon and it's a dummy that gets launched out. (And catches fire, and crashes into a tent, and causes an entire carnival to burn down.)²* InvisibleBackupBand: Discussed together with MickeyMousing in a dialogue which ends with Crosby conducting the invisible orchestra to accompany his singing of the love theme:²-->'''Fearless:''' What killed me is that ''from nowhere'', an orchestra started. You know, violins and everything, right in the minute of a jungle. Isn't that silly?²* KillerGorilla: Towards the end, Fearless gets tossed in a cage with a wrestling gorilla.²* PardonMyKlingon: The natives of DarkestAfrica have their lines subtitled in English, but one line produces a '''[CENSORED]''' stamp instead of a subtitle.²* SawAWomanInHalf: The heroes attempt this at the end.²-->'''Chuck:''' Are you sure you know what you're doing?\²'''Fearless:''' If I don't, one of us is going back half fare.²* ShoutOut: Chuck's tribal garb includes a headpiece which looks a whole lot like WesternAnimation/MickeyMouse ears. In the same scene, his line about being "off to see the wizard" is a quote from ''Film/TheWizardOfOz''.²* TalentDouble: Hope is doubled by Olympic wrestler Peter Mehringer in the scene where he wrestles a gorilla.²* TravelMontage: The comedy version where the line starts meandering chaotically.²----


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