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1Recovery is a 2007 drama film starring Creator/DavidTennant. He portrays Alan Hamilton, a building manager who undergoes a medical coma following a car accident. Once awoken, Alan is quickly identified as having brain damage with mild amnesia. The film depicts the struggle of his wife's acceptance of her husbands condition, and related limitations, and Alan's struggles to accept himself.²²[[quoteright:350:]] ² [[caption-width-right:350:Alan walking through London in his hospital gown]]²²----²!!Tropes:²²FanService: After eventually managing to take a shower, a proud ''and naked'' Alan walks out of the bathroom, and down a corridor to greet his family. We get a rather good shot of his bum.²²BullyingTheDisabled: After mixing up the task assigned to him by a client at his engineering firm, Alan ends up sobbing and screaming in the bathroom, while the client chews him out for being "not right in the head" and an "incompetent lunatic".²²CareerEndingInjury: The brain damage makes Alan incapable of doing his job, being chastised during his first attempt.²²DisabledSnarker: While making dinner as a testament to what abilities he ''does'' have, Alan quips "I couldn't make dinner '''before''' the fucking accident!".²²MentalHealthRecoveryArc: Partially subverted, as Alan is never "''healed''" of his condition, merely accepting it and starting a nice life in a new house despite his handicap.


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