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1[[quoteright:300:]]²²The 2005 film adaptation of ''Literature/PrideAndPrejudice'' was directed by Creator/JoeWright and stars Creator/KeiraKnightley as Elizabeth Bennet and Matthew [=MacFadyen=] as Mr Darcy.²²----²!!This film contains examples of:²* AdaptationExpansion: This film contains many scenes and lines of dialogue which did not exist in the book. For example, a sequence where Mr Bingley practices proposing to Jane.²* AdaptationalComicRelief: Mrs Bennet's annoying ways are played for comedy more so than in the book.²* AdaptationalNiceGuy:²** Mary's more unlikable qualities are filed off - particularly her KnowNothingKnowItAll attitude and refusal to socialise. ²** Darcy's pride is downplayed in favor of his poor social skills.²** Mrs Bennet's SelfServingMemory is removed and, while she's still embarrassing, she's portrayed as more endearingly pompous than self-centered. ²* AdaptedOut: Mr and Mrs Hurst, the Gardiners' children, Mrs Phillips, and most of the Lucases were left out due to time constraints.²* ArtisticLicenseHistory: When Mary, Lydia and Kitty show up at Netherfield - the Bingleys' footman introduces them all as "Miss Bennet", played for comedy under the RuleOfFunny. The social conventions of the time mean that the eldest daughter present would be called "Miss Bennet" (which is Elizabeth because she's the eldest daughter in the room) and the others would be "Miss Mary Bennet", "Miss Catherine Bennet" and "Miss Lydia Bennet".²* AlmostKiss: Between the principles durning the proposal/fight. After yelling at each other, the two stare, pant, lean in...and bid each other an angry good day!²%% * AndStarring: Creator/JudiDench.²* BookEnds: The first and second-to-last scenes are shots of characters on a meadow at dawn.²* CannotSpitItOut: The adorable scene at Mr Collins' house, where Darcy makes the most incredibly awkward conversational gambits ever heard by human ears.²* ColorCodedCharacters: The costume designer said that she did this to differentiate the sisters and reflect their respective personalities. Jane wears [[PurityPersonified white, gold and pale pinks]], Elizabeth wears [[CloserToEarth deep greens and reds]], Kitty and Lydia tend to wear bright pink and cream, while Mary tends to wear plain brown and black.²* CompositeCharacter: Mr Bingley just has one sister here instead of two, and Caroline gets many of Louisa's lines.²* DomesticAbuse: In the 2005 movie, a background event when Wickham is unkind to his wife Lydia and sits her down in the carriage suggests this is the future of their relationship. The director's commentary states it unequivocally.²* TheDungAges: Joe Wright specifically wanted to differentiate this from the 'squeaky-clean' Regency Era look of the miniseries, depicting the "muddy hem" variant to emphasise the Bennets' relative poverty compared to the Bingleys. Lampshaded by Caroline re: Elizabeth.²--> Did you see her hem? Six inches deep in mud. She looked positively ''medieval''.²* EmpathicEnvironment: During the stormy exchange between Lizzy and Darcy... it's storming. ²* EnglishRose: Jane is a young woman, gentle and sweet, the eldest daughter of an English land-owning gentleman. She is given angelic blonde hair and frequently wears white and other feminine colours. Jane has the fair peachy-pale skin which is the major requirement for this trope. Her English Rose beauty is contrasted with Lizzie's slightly more earthy tomboyish look. ²* FunnyBackgroundEvent: A RunningGag in the extended ballroom scene at Netherfield. When Mr Collins approaches Lizzy, Mr Bennet can be seen glowering in the background. When Lizzy is dancing with him, Jane is slightly out of focus but looking back and forth between them with a mix of alarm/amusement. Darcy stalks past the camera several times, staring intently at Elizabeth as he goes, until he pops up suddenly and asks her to dance. ²%% * GenkiGirl: Lydia and Kitty, but the former more so.²* GibberishOfLove: Bingley struggles to form coherent sentences when he's around Jane, the girl he crushes on. The result isn't always [[ThatCameOutWrong complimentary]].²* HairContrastDuo: Idealistic and saintly Jane is a blonde, while more down-to-earth Elizabeth is brunette.²* HairOfGoldHeartOfGold:²** Jane Bennet is a lovely blonde with sweet temper and pure heart.²** Miss Darcy is blond and a very sweet young lady.²* HeadbuttOfLove: Lizzie and Darcy when they get together bump their heads lovingly at the end instead of a kiss.²* HeldGaze: Darcy and Lizzy lock eyes for the entirety of their dance, and often thereafter. ²* HiddenDepths: Dame Judy Dench imbues the otherwise overbearing Lady Katherine with a sense of tragedy merely with her nuanced delivery of one line. ²-->"If I had ever learned, I would have been a...great...proficient."²* LipLockSunBlock: The BigDamnKiss at the end is backlighted by a rising sun.²* MeaningfulLook: Miss Darcy looks knowingly at Darcy and Elizabeth when Elizabeth visited Pemberley. She absolutely knows her brother loves Elizabeth!²* NotSoAboveItAll: When it's clear that Mr Collins is about to propose to Lizzie, the room clears out to leave them alone. Lizzie begs Jane to stay with her, but the saintly older sister goes as well - not even trying to hold back giggles.²* PaletteSwap: WordOfGod said she made Lydia and Kitty wear almost the same attires to have a a visual asymmetry between them and to serve as mirror images of each other.²* ThePollyanna: Charlotte appears to take this attitude with regards to her marriage. She tells Elizabeth how happy she is to run her own household, clearly trying to make the best of an awkward situation.²* PragmaticAdaptation: A necessity, given that they had to compress a 500-page book into a 2-hour movie.²** Darcy's {{Pride}} is toned down while his [[NoSocialSkills lack of social skills]] is emphasized. Furthermore, he and Elizabeth have BelligerentSexualTension from the start instead of her warming up to him after he explains the situation with Wickham.²** Wickham is [[DemotedToExtra demoted to a casual acquaintance]] of Elizabeth's instead of a RomanticFalseLead, and the main point of contention between Elizabeth and Darcy is his interference in Jane and Bingley's relationship. Accordingly, Elizabeth's reprimand to Darcy for wronging Wickham isn't fueled by any lingering fondness for the latter, but is instead more of a counter-argument to Darcy's IDidWhatIHadToDo mentality. ²* QuirkyCurls: Lydia and Kitty often have their hair curled to distinguish their youth from the older sisters.²* RealisticDictionIsUnrealistic: Joe Wright chose to change how characters in the book politely waited for each other to finish before speaking themselves - feeling that in a large family with five daughters, everyone would talk over each other.²* RomanticRain: Mr Darcy's first proposal takes place outside in the Rosings Park during a rainfall (unlike in the novel where it happened in the Hunsford Parsonage). Lizzy refuses him and it's full of passionate love/hate tension.²* RunningGag: "How is (insert character name)?" "S/he's (insert location)".²* SettingUpdate: Moved from the Regency Era back to the end of the 18th century when England was still feeling the effects of the Industrial Revolution.²%% * TakingTheVeil: Mr Bennet jokingly expresses a hope that Lydia is going to do this.²----


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