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1[[quoteright:300:]] %%[[caption-width-right:300:some caption text]]''Perfect Sense'' is a 2011 science fiction drama film directed by Creator/DavidMackenzie and starring Creator/EvaGreen and Creator/EwanMcGregor.A chef ([=McGregor=]) and a scientist (Green) fall in love amid a plague that spreads throughout Europe and causes people to lose sensory abilities.----!!This film features examples of:* AmbiguousEnding: It ends with everybody going euphoric and hugging each other before losing their eyesight. The only sense that remains is touch. Will it go soon as well (which would spell certain doom for humanity)? Or will it stay due to it being the "perfect sense"?* ApocalypseHow: It's highly unlikely that humans as a species will survive being stripped of all their senses except (maybe) touch.* CosyCatastrophe: People still try to live their lives normally despite gradually losing their senses. They adapt easily to the loss of smell and taste (for example, restaurants remain in business by making food that's interesting for how it feels rather than for its flavor).* MoodSwinger: The disease also makes people have violent mood swings just before the next loss of a sense.* NothingIsScarier: The plague comes pretty much out of nowhere and it's origins and how it operates are all left a complete mystery.* RiddleForTheAges: Pretty much everything about the plague, from its origins to why it takes away senses but leaves people otherwise healthy, is never revealed.* SenseLossSadness: The film is about a potentially apocalyptic disease that slowly robs people of their senses, one by one. Oddly, the angst also comes ''before'' the loss, as attacks are preceded by severe emotional outbursts. ----


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