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1[[quoteright:250:]] ²²''Perfect Assassins'' is a 1998 thriller MadeForTVMovie directed by H. Gordon Boos.²²FBI agent Ben Carroway is at a diplomatic meeting when the diplomats are assassinated. During the chase, all the assassins except one, Billy Collins, kill themselves. Curious, Carroway looks into the FBI's records and finds that the survivor disappeared when he was five. He then teams up with the assassin's sister, Lana, and his ex-hitman buddy, Leo Benita, to figure out what's going on.²²----²!!This film contains examples of:²²* ArchEnemy: Greely is this to Ben, as the man responsible for his mom's disappearance.²* BehavioralConditioning: PsychoPsychologist Dr. Samuel Greely uses operant conditioning to create assassins who kill without hesitation, first others and then themselves upon completing their missions.²* BigBad: Dr. Samuel Greely, the PsychoPsychologist running the assassin program.²* CowboyCop: Ben completely disregards FBI regulations by stealing a helicopter, taking a civilian with him, to chase a suspect.²* EvilPlan: Dr. Samuel Greely seeks to prove his theories on human conditioning by torturing children to become assassins.²* HateSink: Dr. Samuel Greely is a PsychoPsychologist who seeks to perfect the conditioning of humans. To achieve this, he kidnaps children and locks them in a cage where they have to shock themselves to get food. The only human interaction allowed to TrainingFromHell that involves vicious beatings by grown men, which Greely laughs at as he watches. He then sends the kids on assassination missions where they kill themselves if they succeed. If they fail, he sticks them back in their box to stew in their trauma.²* HeelFaceTurn: [[spoiler:Leo decides to help the people he sold out after Greely tries to kill them, thus violating their deal.]]²* HeroicSacrifice: [[spoiler:Billy jumps in front of Lana so she doesn't get shot.]]²* TheMole: [[spoiler:Leo is hired by Greely to bring Carroway to his lair.]]²* PsychoPsychologist: Greely takes the [[ experiments]] of [[ B.F. Skinner]] to "the next logical step" by testing it on humans.²* RunForTheBorder: Billy tries to escape to Mexico with a hostage in tow.²* TheSociopath: Dr. Samuel Greely, who experiments on psychologically torturing children into becoming assassins, frames his assistants to prevent him from being caught, and laughs at his victims being beaten.²* WouldHurtAChild: Greely makes a living off of kidnapping children, torturing them into learned helplessness, and sending them to kill people and then themselves.²* YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness: The assassins are programmed to kill themselves after getting their target.²----


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