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1[[quoteright:350:]] ²²''Love Hate'' is a 2009 British ShortFilm directed by Creator/{{Blake|Ritson}} and Dylan Ritson. It stars Creator/BenWhishaw and Creator/HayleyAtwell.²²Tom (Whishaw) is a sweet-natured and super positive charity worker, whose life seems under complete control. Until the day Hate (Atwell), a mysterious, intrusive and twisted woman enters his way and completely turns his life upside down. She's about to present a side of Tom he never knew he had inside of himself, as well as new perspectives that comes with strange consequences on the way.²²Has nothing to do with the Irish TV series ''Series/LoveHate''.²----²!!This short provides examples of:²²* AnthropomorphicPersonification: Hate is, well, Tom's hate and anger personified.²* TheCorrupter: Hate progressively convinces Tom to do ''very'' nasty things.²* GoodAngelBadAngel: Hate is very much a bad angel, and there's no good angel around to help Tom.²* NiceGuy: Tom is one initially. Until he becomes a jerk under Hate's influence.²* PoliticallyIncorrectVillain: Hate reads ''Literature/MeinKampf'', of all things.²* TheVamp: Hate fits the "completely evil and exploitative seductress" type to a T.²--> '''Tom:''' But why do you look so...\²'''Hate:''' You know, to certain people hate can be extremely attractive.²----


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