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1[[quoteright:300:]] 께->''"All this from potatoes?"''께''Kill and Kill Again'' is a 1981 South African martial arts film, a tongue-in-cheek sequel to 1977's ''Kill or Be Killed'' reuniting that film's director (Ivan Hall) and star (James Ryan). 께A supervillain named Marduk has captured a scientist and is using his potato-based serum to create an army of mind-controlled slaves. Squaring off against Marduk are karate champion Steve Chase (Ryan) and a motley band of martial artists. 께Today, the film is best known as the first to feature BulletTime effects. 께-----!!This movie contains examples of:께* AccentAdaptation: The American dub replaces (some of the) broad South African accents with American regional accents. This results in the incongruous presence of a southern-fried American construction foreman at a South African building site. * ActionPrologue: A punch-em-up attack on the Sun City casino. * AlternateDVDCommentary: It received the Podcast/RiffTrax treatment [[ in 2017]]. * ArtisticTitle: A Bond-style credit sequence featuring silhouettes of Chase. * AvengersAssemble: The first act is all about Chase getting the band back together. * {{BGM}}: Nearly all of the music in the movie is stock music from the KPM library, some of which was later used in ''WesternAnimation/TheRenAndStimpyShow''.* BondOneLiner: Steve Chase is full of them. * BulletTime: The first live-action film to feature this effect. It is used only in one scene, about an hour into the film, after the main villain has already been killed. * CombatByChampion: Chase versus Marduk's "optimus". * CultColony: New Babylonia.* DressCode: Marduk's minions wear slacks and sky-blue T-shirts. -->'''[[Podcast/RiffTrax Bill Corbett]]:''' Are we sure this isn't just Habitat for Humanity?* EightiesHair: Minerva and her short pink-dyed do. -->'''Chase:''' Has anyone ever suggested you change your hairdresser? * EverybodyLaughsEnding* FiveManBand: TheLeader Steve Chase, TheBigGuy Gorilla, TheLancer Gypsy Billy, ConsummateProfessional The Fly, ComicRelief Hotdog. Tagging along is TheChick Kandy Kane.* FrenchJerk: ''"This soirée was the pièce de résistance!"''* HandyFeet: Fly does stuff like light incense with his feet.* HiredGuns * IfItsYouItsOkay: Marduk takes no lip from anyone but his ladyfriend Minerva. * {{Kiai}}: All the martial artists make loud, Bruce Lee-style noises while fighting. * MadeOfExplodium: Marduk's helicopter. * MadScientistsBeautifulDaughter: Kandy poses as one. * MindControlDevice: A mind-control serum derived from potatoes. * MuggedForDisguise: How the group infiltrates Marduk's camp.* PretendToBeBrainwashed: Dr. Kane has secretly developed an antidote to the mind-control serum. * SameLanguageDub: Many of the South African actors have been dubbed with American accents.* TheApartheidEra: Partially filmed at Sun City, famous target of anti-Apartheid boycotts. To its credit, the film contains hints of an anti-Apartheid stance. Chase's team is racially integrated, for instance. And there are a few digs at the South African regime. * TheEvilsOfFreeWill-->'''Marduk:''' Freedom of choice, as we have come to know it, has led inexorably to the deterioration of the ethical and moral fabric of society.* UnfortunateImplications: The lone black team member is called ''Gorilla'', of all things. Lampshaded in the Podcast/RiffTrax.-->'''Bill Corbett:''' Hey, Gorilla! Still got that unfortunate nickname?* WarForFunAndProfit: Chase and his group are in it for the money. * WealthyPhilanthropist: Chase accepts a job from a couple of public-spirited rich guys, and not from the South African government. One of them pointedly remarks, "It's debatable who will use the formula for more evil ends: our government or Marduk." -----


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