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1[[quoteright:310:]] ²²->''"Sometimes love is just a big bowl of wrong."''²-->-- '''{{Tagline}}'''²²''I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With'' is a 2006 RomanticComedy film written by, directed by, and starring Creator/JeffGarlin and featuring such talents as Creator/SarahSilverman, David Pasquesi, Creator/BonnieHunt, Creator/AmySedaris, Mina Kolb, Creator/DanCastellaneta, and Creator/ElleFanning.²²Garlin plays James Aaron, a UsefulNotes/{{Chicago}} actor struggling with a lack of notability and his weight. He's 39, lives with his mother, and is rapidly going nowhere in his life. In rapid succession, his girlfriend breaks up with him, his agent fires him, and he loses his job with Second City, a local comedy troupe. Fortunately, he meets two wonderful women in his life, Stella and Beth. Unfortunately, neither of them seem able to look past his weight. Meanwhile, he learns that a remake is being made of ''Film/{{Marty}}'', a film he's perfectly suited toward.²²----²!!This film exhibits the following tropes:²* ManicPixieDreamGirl: Beth seems poised to play this role to James, getting him to move out and make something of himself, but [[spoiler:she really just wanted to have sex with a fat man so as to check it off her list.]]²* MaybeEverAfter: At the end of the film, James is shown having dinner with a woman at the local retirement home while being watched by Stella and members of the retirement home and then the credits roll. Word Of God is that this is supposed to indicate that James has returned to theater and is making an attempt to have a relationship with Stella.²* NeverTrustATrailer: The trailer makes it look like a standard romantic comedy. [[spoiler:It's much darker than that]].²* TheRemake: A remake of ''Marty'' drives parts of the plot. James's life parallels the plot of ''Marty'', so he's an obvious shoe-in for the title role. [[spoiler:It instead goes to a young attractive pop-star with the lines completely unchanged from the original "I'm ugly and I'm fat," and it's a hit.]]²* TitleDrop: Said by Beth in the midst of Jay Pritzker Pavilion while watching a young couple doing just that.²----


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