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1[[quoteright:300:]] ''Happy End'' is a 2017 film by Creator/MichaelHaneke starring Creator/IsabelleHuppert and Creator/JeanLouisTrintignant.----!! Tropes:* ArmorPiercingResponse: When Thomas asks his daughter at the beach why she thinks he would leave Anaïs, she replies he also left his first wife. He doesn't have an answer to that.* BigScrewedUpFamily: Once again, Haneke takes many stabs at the [[BourgeoisBohemian bourgeoisie]].* BlackComedy: Like most of Haneke's previous films, ''Happy End'' has a dark, pessimistic tone, but some parts have a comedic element to them. [[spoiler:For example, the ending has Eve helps her grandfather commit suicide before pulling out her phone to record his death.]]* DrivenToSuicide: [[spoiler: Both Georges Laurent and his granddaughter Eve are. Both fail.]]* HappyEnding: Played with, of course. [[spoiler: The ending is formally happy but in quite a twisted way]].* MythologyGag: To some of Haneke's filmography.** ''Film/TheSeventhContinent'': [[spoiler:Eve tries to commit suicide by overdosing on medical pills.]]** ''Benny's Video'': A camera films a child murdering another person.** ''71 Fragments of a Chronology of Chance'': Georges asks his barber to help him buy a pistol.** ''Film/CodeUnknown'': Eve recounts to her father a story about a classmate who stole a jacket from another classmate.** ''Film/ThePianoTeacher'': Thomas Laurent is romancing a musician, and they both send each other messages reminiscent of the letter written by Erika.** ''Film/{{Cache}}'': The scene in which Thomas picks up his daughter from school is filmed exactly like the scene of Georges picking up his son from school. There is also a subplot concerning adultery, but this time, it is explicit rather than ambiguous.** ''Film/{{Amour}}'': Creator/JeanLouisTrintignant and Creator/IsabelleHuppert play father and daughter once again. In addition, Trintigant's character is once again an old man who delivered a MercyKill to his paralyzed, bedridden wife by suffocating her.----


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