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1[[quoteright:320:]]²²''Hall Pass'' is a 2011 comedy film from the Farrelly Brothers, starring Owen Wilson, Creator/JasonSudeikis, [[Series/TheOfficeUS Jenna Fischer]], and Creator/ChristinaApplegate.²²The film follows two friends, Rick and Fred, who are granted a week off from marriage by their wives, so that they can sleep with any woman they want after their wives notice they are obsessed with sex.²----²!!Tropes:²* AbhorrentAdmirer: Brent to Leigh.²* AllMenArePerverts: The premise of the movie; two guys are obsessed with sex, and realizing this, their wives decide to give them the titular "Hall Pass": A week off from marriage during which they can have sex with other women.²* AmbiguouslyGay: Gary. While he's married, this comes especially in the ending, when his wife [[spoiler:suggests they do the hall pass, and he has an ImagineSpot in which doing so causes a chain of events that ends with him getting thrown into jail and getting anally raped. He still decides they should try it out]].²* CasanovaWannabe: Rick and Fred have a really hard time picking up girls. Rick in fact only has success with Leigh, a woman he had met some time beforehand.²* CoolOldGuy: Coakley (Richard Jenkins), the man who mentors Rick and Fred on the art of picking up women.²* CringeComedy: The guys' activities during the "week off" given by the hall pass. When they decide to play golf, they get too high from eating hash brownies and wreak havoc on the golf course. When they decide to get drunk in order to act more relaxed, they end up going too far and getting into a fight with other bar customers. And then there's Rick and Fred's whole ordeal when they think that they are finally going to get some.²* DivorceIsTemporary: The film's main premise, albeit deliberately invoked.²* FanDisservice:²** Two naked men arrive to pull Rick from the hot tub after he loses feeling in his muscles. We get a greeeeat close-up of a guy with an exceptionally small manhood.²** There's also the girl whom Fred picks up; she sneezes out [[NobodyPoops something extra...]]²* ImagineSpot:²** Rick imagines what would happen if he bought alcohol for/hooked up with his kids' babysitter, who is a week from turning 21. He imagines getting arrested, being fired from his job, divorced, and being unwanted at his kids' weddings.²** Gary imagines how life for him would be if he got a hall pass. It doesn't end well [[spoiler:...or does it]].²* MaleGaze: Rick and Fred do this so obviously that their wives notice it even when they act innocent.²* MsFanservice: Leigh, and maybe Paige as well (Paige is played by Creator/AlexandraDaddario, after all).²* RefugeInAudacity: This is a Farrelly Brothers film, so obviously...²* SafeDrivingAesop: [[spoiler:Grace gets into a car crash because she looks at her phone while driving.]]²* TheSociopath: Brent. His response to someone hooking up with the girl he was interested, even though he himself never actually asked her out? Vandalize his car. His response to someone having sex with his mother (or thinking he had)? ''Try to shoot the guy dead''.²* TheStinger: [[spoiler: Gary's wife sees how happy the other wives are and suggests she and Gary do the hall pass. He imagines sleeping with an Asian woman whose husband finds out, and then ends up killing him, the woman, her grandmother, and a few teen witnesses, ending with him getting arrested, thrown into jail and getting raped. He still decides they should try it out]].²----


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