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1[[quoteright:350:]] ˛[[caption-width-right:350:''[[{{Tagline}} Beyond fear, destiny awaits.]]'']]˛->''"An animal caught in a trap would gnaw off its own leg to escape. What will you do?"''˛-->-- '''Gaius Helen Mohiam'''˛˛''Dune: Part One'' is an epic SpaceOpera film and a new [[TheFilmOfTheBook feature adaptation]] of Creator/FrankHerbert's seminal 1965 novel ''Literature/{{Dune}}'', produced by Creator/WarnerBros and Creator/LegendaryPictures. It is directed by Creator/DenisVilleneuve and co-written by Villeneuve, Jon Spaihts and Eric Roth, and will [[DividedForAdaptation cover roughly the first half of the book]]. A second film to cover the remainder of the story is planned.˛˛In the far future of humanity, Duke Leto Atreides accepts stewardship of the dangerous desert planet Arrakis, also known as Dune, the only source of the most valuable substance in the universe, the Spice, a drug which extends human life, provides superhuman levels of thought and makes foldspace travel possible. Although Leto knows the opportunity is an intricate trap set by his enemies, he takes his Bene Gesserit concubine Lady Jessica, young son and heir Paul, and most of his trusted advisers to Arrakis. Leto takes control of the Spice mining operation, which is made perilous by the presence of giant sandworms. A bitter betrayal leads Paul and Jessica to the Fremen, natives of Arrakis who live in the deep desert.˛˛The cast is pretty [[AllStarCast star-studded]], with Creator/TimotheeChalamet as Paul Atreides, Creator/OscarIsaac as Duke Leto Atreides, Creator/RebeccaFerguson as Lady Jessica, Creator/{{Zendaya}} as Chani, Creator/StellanSkarsgard as Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, [[Wrestling/{{Batista}} Dave Bautista]] as Glossu Rabban Harkonnen, Creator/JasonMomoa as Duncan Idaho, Creator/CharlotteRampling as Reverend Mother Mohiam, Creator/JoshBrolin as Gurney Halleck, Creator/JavierBardem as Stilgar, Creator/DavidDastmalchian as Piter De Vries, Stephen [=McKinley=] Henderson as Thufir Hawat, Creator/ChangChen as Dr. Wellington Yueh, and Sharon Duncan-Brewster as Dr. Liet-Kynes.˛˛The film was originally scheduled for release on December 18, 2020, but was pushed back to October 22, 2021 due to scheduling issues caused by the UsefulNotes/COVID19Pandemic. It is currently slated to have a simultaneous release on Creator/HBOMax. The film had its world premiere on September 3, 2021 at the Venice Film Festival and released in a significant number of countries ahead of the US release. Villeneuve has also been announced to showrun ''Dune: The Sisterhood'', a live action SpinOff series [[ExpandedUniverse set in his film's universe]] and focusing on the Bene Gesserit, for HBO Max.˛˛For the other live-action adaptations of ''Dune'', see ''Film/Dune1984'' and ''Series/FrankHerbertsDune''. ˛˛Previews: [[ Official Trailer]] and [[ Official Main Trailer]].˛----˛!!''Dune'' provides examples of the following tropes:˛* ActionGirl: Implied. [[spoiler:Chani]] is shown as a member of [[spoiler:Stilgar's]] band of warriors, who are involved in fighting the [[spoiler:Harkonnens.]]. She also [[spoiler: managed to get the drop on Paul as he tried to outflank the Fremen threatening his mother]].˛* AdaptationalAttractiveness: Gurney Halleck, described in the books as an "ugly lump of a man", is played by the ruggedly handsome Josh Brolin (although hair and makeup shift the emphasis to "rugged" over "handsome").˛* AdaptationalDumbass: Rabban gets this, much like Lynch's version. His moments of intelligence in the book, such as perceptively noting that the Harkonnens ought to do a head-count of the Fremen in case they become a threat, are absent from the movie.˛* AdaptationDistillation:˛** While book readers will know that Dr. Yueh's diamond tattoo marks him as a Suk doctor, there is no reference to his conditioning and how he is theoretically [[spoiler:incapable of betrayal]]. ˛** The Mentats are also relegated to a less important position in the plot; Paul's training as a Mentat is also not mentioned, with the focus being on his study of Bene Gesserit techniques.˛** Some scenes between the arrival of the Atreides to Arrakis and the Harkonnen attack (such as Jessica finding messages from Lady Fenring, the banquet hosted by the Atreides, and the subplot of Thufir Hawat [[spoiler:mistakenly suspecting Jessica to be a threat]]) are excised.˛** The Fenrings and Feyd-Rautha are both absent, with Rabban taking on the latter's function of being a recipient to the Baron's exposition.˛** In the book, [[spoiler:the Sardaukar are disguised as Harkonnen troops]], but are identified by their fighting style by experienced warriors such as Duncan. As this would be difficult to convey to viewers, the [[spoiler:Sardaukar are not disguised, even wearing white armor to clearly distinguish them from the black-clad Harkonnens.]]˛** In the book, the Spice Harvester was lost to the worm because the Carryall was redirected by Harkonnen infiltrators, part of a larger campaign of subversion and sabotage. In the movie, it was simply due to faulty equipment because the Harkonnens took most of their hardware with them and left the Atreides only junk to mine with.˛** In the book, the Shield Wall is a mountain range that blocks Coriolis Storms from reaching Arrakeen. In the movie, the shield wall simply is the city's curtain wall that somehow stops 5000 meter high sand storms.˛** In the book, [[spoiler: Leto Atreides prematurely bites the poison capsule because in his delirium he mistakes Pieter de Vries for Vladimir Harkonnen.]] In the movie [[spoiler: he is indeed confronted by baron Harkonnen, but while everyone in the room is killed by the poison cloud, the baron is protected by his shield and then manages to float to the ceiling (where he presumably is safe from the gas) and can later be retrieved and healed.]]˛** In the book, [[spoiler: Jessica using her voice on the Harkonnen soldiers is a lot more insidious and subtle, while in the film she flat-out orders them to kill each other.]]˛** In the book, [[spoiler: the male Keynes is quickly established to be the de-facto leader of the very patriarchical Fremen (among whom he is known as Liet), and dies after being abandoned in the desert by the Harkonnen for his involvement in Paul and Jessica's escape. During his last moments, thirst and heat induced deliriums make him imagine his father and his plans to transform Arrakis into a garden paradise. Also, he has the realization that he effectively delivered his Fremen into the hands of a real ChosenOne, a terrible fate for any people, and a hint that Dune will not follow the typical [[RightfulKingReturns good-prince-ousts-evil-usurper]] trope, but something [[DarkMessiah darker]].]] In the movie, [[spoiler:the female Liet Keynes' background, aside from being the Imperial Ecologist & Judge of Change and that she is a Fremen herself, is not expanded upon. Though she appears to have some influence among the Fremen, no sign is given she has any real authority over them. Her death scene also omits the realization in the book.]]˛** In the book, the [[spoiler: duel between Jamis and Paul]] occurs after the Fremen have moved to a more secure location, the Cave of Ridges. In the movie, presumably for reasons of pacing, this scene occurs much sooner, immediately after [[spoiler: Paul and Jessica meet with the Fremen.]]˛* AdaptationExpansion: The main trailer indicates this already by having a scene on the Atreides's previous home planet which isn't in the book, as they meet with other people (a Herald of the Change and representatives of the Imperial court and Spacing Guild, where Duke Leto officially takes on the responsibility of ruling Arrakis).˛** The Harkonnen invasion of Arrakis happens mostly off-screen in the book, but is quite prominent in the movie, with battles at the space port and the storming of the Atreides compound shot in Villeneuve's minimalistic visual style, and include scenes not in the book like [[spoiler:the Atreides air defence cannons opening fire on the attackers, the shield-buster bombs used to take out the Atreides frigates, the massive Harkonnen assault craft launching a missile barrage at the city and Idaho evading the beam of a ship-borne lasgun]].˛** In the books shield can only be penetrated by projectiles with low velocity, leading to the use of pistols with a muzzle velocity of a pellet gun to launch poison-tipped darts. In this movie, advanced propelled ammunition is used that can force its way through a shield. [[spoiler: They also come in the form of ordnance large enough to destroy frigates.]]˛** In the books, shields are so effective and commonplace no projectile weapons are used at all, save for a few low-velocity guns that could breach them. However, the Harkonnens, [[spoiler: suspecting the Atreides forces would take cover in an unshielded cave network, and possibly also ditch many of their shields as they are a liability on a planet infested with humongous sandworms enraged by them, brought heavy artillery and other missile weapons with their invasion forces to take advantage of this]]. In the movie, vehicle-borne projectile weapons seemed to be used by both sides as standard equipment, possibly to take advantage of the fact not all craft or personnel seems to be equipped with shields, or perhaps for suppression as even a non-penetrating seems to be able to transfer some force to affect the wearer. ˛* AdaptationalModesty: A minor case. In the book, the [[spoiler: duel between Jamis and Paul]] occurs with both participants clad in loincloths, but the movie's version keeps the characters in their stillsuits.˛* AdvertisedExtra: Zendaya is heavily featured in promotional materials and has a prominent position on the poster, but Chani has very little screen time and only appears in the flesh in the final 20 minutes.˛* AlbinosAreFreaks: The villainous Harkonnens and their soldiers have very pale skin in this adaptation. Villeneuve [[ explained]] that their homeworld of Geidi Prime is polluted and they're not used to the sun.˛* AllThereInTheManual: While it's immaterial for the story, the time specification is highly misleading: "Year 10191" does not refer to 10191 CE (what someone unfamiliar with the source material would assume), but 10191 AG, i.e. over ten millenia after the foundation of the Spacing Guild, which was roughly eleven millenia after mankind started to explore the stars. ˛* AndStarring: The cast list in the trailer ends with "with Creator/CharlotteRampling, with Creator/JasonMomoa, and Creator/JavierBardem".˛* ArtisticLicencePhysics: Though somewhat pedantic in a franchise where everything from personal shields, flight and even interstellar travel is achieved via the fictional 'Holtzman effect', amusingly zig-zagged with the movie's lasguns: instead if the 'light emitting bolts of pure energy' common in other science-fiction depictions, here laser beams are very much like their real-life counterparts; single straight beam, with low-but-nonzero divergence, continuous and invisible unless dust particles scatter some of its light towards the human eye. But it goes unexplained how a laser powerful enough to easily cut through massive metal doors leaves tiny dust particles intact long enough to scatter said light.˛* ArtImitatesArt: One of the shots of Paul in Caladan from the trailer is directly based on Caspar David Friedrich's picture ''Wanderer above the Sea of Fog''.˛* BadassArmy: The Imperial Sardaukar. So much so that despite the Harkonnen having legions of troops, massively outnumbering the Atreides, Piter de Vries is sent to Selusa Secundus in order to secure three of their battalions for their attack and which form the tip of the spear in the attack on the Atreides palace. The Sardaukar meet their match in [[spoiler:the Fremen; when a patrol tracking Paul and Jessia seemingly gets the drop on a group of Fremen casually making coffee, their quarry suddenly turns the tables and attacks the Emperor's elite warriors in vicious close combat, showing the natives are far more than just desert raiders capable only of ambushing isolated & poorly defended spice harvesters.]].˛* BadassBeard: Duke Leto's majestic facial hair, which deserves its own billing.˛** When not wearing their helmets, several Sardaukar are seen with impressive, if rather wild, beards.˛* BaldOfEvil: In contrast to both prior adaptations which gave them flaming red hair (and the book, where their hair was not described other than Rabban's brother being dark-haired), Baron Harkonnen and Rabban are either shaven or bald, as are the Harkonnen troops.˛* BearHug: Duncan is happy to see Paul when they reunite with each other at Caladan at the start of the film, and gives him a hug and lifts him doing so.˛* BlackSpeech: The Sardaukar and the Harkonnen soldiers speak almost inhumanly harsh, snarling language among themselves. ˛* BoisterousBruiser: Duncan is quite expressive when welcoming Paul with a BearHug. He also [[ScreamingWarrior shouts when throwing himself into battle]] [[spoiler: when facing off a bunch of Sardaukars during his LastStand]]. Bonus point for being played by Jason Momoa, who has a certain knack for playing these.˛* DefiantToTheEnd: ˛** Despite finding themselves naked and paralysed in a humiliating NoMrBondIExpectYouToDine situation, and being told [[spoiler:that his lover and his son are dead and thus his house extinguished, Leto]] manage to hold it together, and enact a ThanatosGambit AssassinationAttempt [[spoiler:on Baron Harkonnen]] via a [[CyanidePill poisoned tooth]]. [[spoiler:Unfortunately, he only manages to hurt the Baron, but kills everyone else in the room, including Piter De Vries and [[BetterToDieThanBeKilled himself]].]] ˛** [[spoiler:Liet-Kynes]] is lethally wounded by two [[spoiler:Sardaukar]] who accuse her of having betrayed the [[spoiler:Emperor]]. [[spoiler:Liet-Kynes]] proudly declares herself to be loyal to only one master - [[spoiler:Shai-Hulud, the great sandworm]] and don't show fear when they're swallowed up alongside their attackers by [[spoiler:said sandworm]] a few seconds later.˛* DeflectorShields: Paul Atreides activates a Holtzman personal shield on himself when training with Gurney Halleck. While the devices were worn on belts in the books and earlier adaptations, in this film they're worn on the wrist, and the shields also glow blue when struck and red when penetrated. Shields are also prominent on craft from small ornithopters to massive orbital landers.˛* DemotedToExtra: The Baron's right-hand Mentat Piter de Vries appears but is never named, and his unique personality and role in the plot have been stripped away. ˛* DreamingOfThingsToCome: In the trailer, Paul answers "Yes" to a question about often having dreams of things that end up happening.˛** While still at Caladan, Paul begs Duncan to bring him along with the advance force to Arrakis, [[spoiler: as he had a dream where he saw Duncan die, and he is desperate to save his friend]].˛** During the movie Paul receives a spice-vision of [[spoiler: a great holy war he will lead, and sees himself and Chani before his forces that have just conquered Caladan]].˛** Paul sees a vision of a paternal friend offering him to teach the ways of the desert. But becomes clear visions should not be taken literally, [[spoiler:for the 'friend' is Jamis, who tries to kill him in a duel, and the way of the desert he teaches Paul is that not immediately killing your opponent, but holding your knive to his neck and telling him to yield in order to spare his life, will not only give your him another chance to retaliate and kill you, it will only earn you scorn among the Fremen for playing with your opponent.]]˛** Paul's visions show possible futures, as he sees one [[spoiler:in which Chani stabs him to death.]]˛* DudeWheresMyRespect: In the trailer ([[MissingTrailerScene and only the trailer]]), Reverend Mother Mohiam is completely dismissive of Duke Leto Atreides, one of the most powerful men in the universe.˛-->'''Mohiam:''' You have proven you can rule yourself. Now you must learn to rule others ... something none of your ancestors learned.\˛'''Paul:''' My father rules an entire planet.\˛'''Mohiam:''' He's losing it.\˛'''Paul:''' He's getting a richer one.\˛'''Mohiam:''' [[TraumaCongaLine He'll lose that one too.]]˛* EvilWearsBlack: The members of House Harkonnen are dressed in black.˛* ExactWords: Baron Harkonnen is fond of these. He promises [[spoiler:Reverent Mother Mohiam]] that he won't lay a hand on [[spoiler:Jessica and Paul]], only to order Rabban to have them [[spoiler:dropped in the desert, where they'll be exposed to the harsh elements and likely die]], and assures [[spoiler:Dr. Yueh]] that he'll be able to join [[spoiler:his wife, only to cut his throat a moment later.]]˛* AFatherToHisMen: [[spoiler:Leto]] willingly abandons the bounty of a spice harvester to save its crew when a sandworm attacks them.˛* GenderFlip: Planetologist Dr. Liet-Kynes is played by Sharon Duncan-Brewster in this adaptation, whereas the character was male in the original novel.˛* GentleGiant: Duncan is a warrior played by the 6'4 and very muscular Jason Momoa and is very good-natured and friendly.˛* TheGhost: The Padishah Emperor is mentioned, but never seen.˛* GirlOfMyDreams: Paul first sees Chani in his dreams right at the start of the film and also at other points before finally meeting her at the end. ˛* GratuitousForeignLanguage: Dr. Yueh whispers in Mandarin to Paul before the latter's meeting with the Reverend Mother Mohiam.˛* GutturalGrowler: The Baron speaks in a low, barely comprehensible rasp. ˛* LandSeaSky: Duke Leto Atreides mentions that House Atreides commands Caladan with airpower and seapower. On Arrakis', House Atreides must gain desertpower in order to survive.˛* LampreyMouth: Shai-Hulud's gigantic mouth is more lamprey-looking than previous adaptations.˛* LargeAndInCharge: Baron Harkonnen is not only extremely fat, but also seems to have a larger skeletal structure than a normal human being should.˛* MonstrousHumanoid: That thing in the Harkonnen throne room, with far too many human-like limbs and at improbable angles. The Reverend Mother sending it off by using the Voice implies that it may actually once have been human.˛* MoodyTrailerCoverSong: The trailer features a cover of Music/PinkFloyd's "[[Music/TheDarkSideOfTheMoon Eclipse]]".˛* MamaBear: [[spoiler:Jessica]] is willing to defend [[spoiler:Paul with her life]] and cuts down several [[spoiler:Harkonnen]] soldiers to protect them.˛* MysteriousVeil: Reverend Mother Mohiam and the Atreides women wear burqa-like veils that cover completely their heads, although they are clearly made to be see-through, unlike the real-life version. Of course, since veils originally were intended simply to keep desert sand and dust out of the faces of high-born ladies, this is rather appropriate.˛* MythologyGag: The film features aesthetic elements that were introduced in the [[Film/Dune1984 1984 adaptation]].˛** The Baron again undergoes bizarre oil baths, although this time he submerges himself completely on them rather than placing himself under a thin shower. He also floats akin to the 1984 version [[spoiler:and this is what saves him from the poison gas]], which was copied by the 2000 miniseries, whereas he didn't actually float in the book (his anti-gravity suspensors carried most of his weight so that he could walk). He's also much less fat here than described in the novel, resembling again his slimmer portrayal from the 1984 version.˛** The [[spoiler:Sardaukar]] are again hidden under full pressure suits (although not as voluminous as the 1984 version), whereas in the book they wore regular military uniforms and helmets.˛** Rabban and the Harkonnen soldiers are clad in bulky green armor, while the Atreides workers wear black uniforms with high collars and kepi-like caps, both of them imitating their homologues from 1984.˛** The portrayal of Giedi Prime--with the organic, dark curves of its cityscape and the bizarre six-legged black creature seen as a pet in the Harkonnens' throne room--evoke Creator/HRGiger's work, perhaps alluding to how he created concept art for Jodorowsky's attempt at an adaptation.˛** Mentats Thufir Hawat and Piter de Vries both have a black dot on their lower lip. Most likely a nod the red stains mentats usually have in the books, caused by the Sapho juice they drink to boost their cognitive powers.˛* PapaWolf: The otherwise soft-spoken and genial [[spoiler:Duke Leto]] is livid when an attempt is made on [[spoiler:Paul's life.]]˛* PlayingGertrude: Creator/RebeccaFerguson is only 12 years older than Creator/TimotheeChalamet, and she portrays his character's mother.˛* RentAZilla: [[{{SandWorm}} Shai-Hulud]] certainly qualifies in sheer size, along with (presumably) the other members of its species.˛* SandWorm: Shai-Hulud appears in all its glory at the end of the trailer. A shot with Paul in the foreground shows that its individual ''scales'' are the size of buildings. And the one which attacks the spice harvester crew earlier on appears to be considerably bigger than that. These are creatures you would worship too if you had to live with them.˛* SceneryCensor: [[spoiler:Leto]] find themselves in a very precarious situation while completely naked, although any indecent parts are covered by [[spoiler:a large dining table and his chair]].˛* SchizoTech: As the norm for the franchise, low-tech blades are used together with high-tech shields. Unique to this movie however are the lighter-than-air dirigibles being used alongside suspensor-lifted spacecraft. ˛* ScreamingWarrior: Duncan shouts loudly before attacking a bunch of [[spoiler:Sardaukar]] enemies [[spoiler:during his LastStand]].˛* SecretTest: The trailer shows Paul having to pass the Gom Jabbar test. Reverend Mother Mohiam puts a needle with the eponymous poison that can quickly kill him against his neck, and he must keep his hand in a box that inflicts tremendous pain on it lest he wants to get killed by the poison. ˛* TakingYouWithMe: [[spoiler:Duke Leto]], [[spoiler:Duncan Idaho]], and [[spoiler:Liet-Kynes]] all attempt this to varying degrees of success.˛* TrailersAlwaysSpoil:˛** Viewers familiar with the book will be able to tell from the first trailer that [[spoiler:Paul becomes the new Duke of House Atreides, as Duncan addresses him as such.]] It's only not a spoiler for everyone else because [[spoiler:the trailer avoids calling Leto a Duke too]].˛** Zig-zagged when the main trailer goes a step further and outright spoils that [[spoiler:Leto dies by giving focus to him being stabbed InTheBack, and him giving Jessica an "if anything happens to me" talk]], regardless of whether or not the viewer knows how it happens in the book. [[spoiler:The trailer does not, however, depict the scene from the novel where Leto actually dies attempting to assassinate the Baron by means of a [[CyanidePill poisonous fake tooth]].]]˛** Even before the trailers, the first wave of promo pics counts as well for book readers since [[spoiler:one appears to show Duncan's last stand, confirming it happens more similarly to the book in contrast to prior depictions]]. The trailers themselves [[spoiler:show said scene, but they and the image in question don't otherwise telegraph his fate]].˛* WaifFu: The film doesn’t bother pretending we won’t notice Timothée Chalamet’s slender frame, with Duncan playfully ribbing Paul about not putting on muscle.˛* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: [[spoiler:Gurney and Thufir]] disappear after [[spoiler:the Harkonnen attack on Arrakis]].˛* ZeppelinsFromAnotherWorld: On Arrakis lighter-than-air dirigibles are used alongside other modes of flight, in particular the Carryals that deploy balloons when lifting one of the massive harvesters. Also, the [[spoiler:Harkonnen troop landers]]. ˛----˛->''[[Music/PinkFloyd ♫ And all you create\˛And all you destroy\˛And all that you do\˛And all that you say... ♫]]''˛----


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